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  1. How about Its Roberts Fault in tribute, of course.
  2. Yucca Mountain !! Only mad dogs and Englishmen can be found out here, and a few aliens looking for area 51. http://www.ocrwm.doe.gov/ym_repository/index.shtml Now if we can only guarantee its safe transport.
  3. To wake up this morning and feel the onset of as it appeared on me desktop homepage. Then a brisk little ride to the coffeeshop and back, charging on caffeine.
  4. We must accept teams of all colors and creeds. Oops, I mean all divisions and leagues. Its PC.
  5. If you seriously dont believe this country is rampant with racism, you must not have traveled outside your own little village. I truly cant believe you dont realize this.
  6. Somewhere it was said, much of the warming is due to the flatulence of cows. If there werent so many damned people on this planet to feed there wouldnt be as much farting! ZERO population growth will be the ONLY cure for impending calamities and disasters. That is within the control of people, the consequences of unmitigated growth are out of control. But we as humans have to make life complex, we cant stand simplicity. MUST have a challenge, an adversary! CONQUER!!!! Lessen the impact.
  7. The internet has hardley been around long enough to differentiate between different eras yet.
  8. Yes...they encountered hostility in several Southern cities. Heres some reference to the Memphis show. Im fully aware of their Nashville appearance as well, one of their few not documented on bootleg. From the Led Zeppelin Concert File booklet by Lewis and Pallett describing the content and atmosphere of the show: There was a heavy security presence at the venue and, as is typical on this tour, the authorities overreacted to the sight of thousands of kids enjoying themselves. By How Many More Times, the house lights had been raised. Plant tried to diffuse the situation: I want the poli
  9. You Didnt Have To Be So Nice The Lovin Spoonful Now its Meantown Blues, Johnny Winter
  10. Plant continued, I came to Nashville 30 or 40 years ago with the other band. We get the keys to the city, and then half-way through (the concert), we were (under) house arrest for inciting something. He did confuse that part a bit then, didnt he? Memphis and Nashville are a world apart actually, in many ways.
  11. More like Oops aloss I always prefered Oopsey Daisy anyway.
  12. Music is such background to so many who dont have the ability or desire to allow themselves to be fully absorbed into the complexities of Gentle Giant and other progressive artists. Its NOT background music, it either pulls you in and engulfs you or pushes you away cause its sometimes hard to tap your foot to. I sorta laugh at what I see some people thinking what progressive rock is. The music isnt something you can just sit down and jam away on. You MUST know the material to play it. Its structured in a way that many players and listeners just cant grasp. Play it for your babies
  13. Poll: Racial views steer some white Dems away from Obama By RON FOURNIER and TREVOR TOMPSON, Associated Press Writers WASHINGTON (AP) — Deep-seated racial misgivings could cost Barack Obama the White House if the election is close, according to an AP-Yahoo News poll that found one-third of white Democrats harbor negative views toward blacks — many calling them lazy, violent, responsible for their own troubles. The poll, conducted with Stanford University, suggests that the percentage of voters who may turn away from Obama because of his race could easily be larger than the final diffe
  14. I dont find any candidate that comes close to someone I want as president. The way it is, many people are never truly represented by our, for all practical purposes, closed system. Many dont vote because of apathy and thats brought on by them not feeling as though they are truly represented. No way a two party system can cover the ground it takes and offer substanitive ideals for everyone. To NOT vote is making a statement too. Disenchantment with the choices that have any chance of winning. That just tells me that most people are so compromising and wanting to be the round peg in th
  15. Lay down lay down lay it all down Let your white birds smile At the ones who stand and frown So raise candles high cause if you dont We could stay black against the night Oh raise them higher again And if you do we could stay dry against the rain Lay down lay down lay it all down
  16. Thanks for the geography lesson! There are several Nashvilles throughout the United States. That must be what you are talking about, in your general terms. No specifics about the Tennessee one though?
  17. I was just providing information. Those deeply interested in politics will read lengthy posts and listen to lengthy speeches, but not most people.
  18. You say that like you spent much time there. Have you?
  19. Most people anywhere dont want to hear, or read, the lengthy schpeil put forth by the candidates OR other pundits, such as we have here.
  20. Ive gotten off the NYC subway, D train, at Yankee Stadium and 161st several times, but never been to a game there. The Bronx Courthouse is just up the road, so Ive heard. Dont look too close, you might see me in there.
  21. Besides the corporate entity, the CEOs should be hammered in the cases such as these of late. Not just the occasional ENRONers like Skilling and whatshisface, but ALL OF THEM.
  22. Any of the policies of any of the politicians arent going to fix our fucked up system. None of them, no matter how idealistic they are. I wont be eating my words either.
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