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  1. You just explained the reasons I HATE most of this corporate crapola. Seems so many who support an unregulated, free market, let business carry on just dont understand the corporate body. They can and often are so evil. As given rights like an individual, but not held accountable. And others will still continue to FULLY support their existence, unconditionally !!!
  2. Everyone of the CEOs in those corporations should be held accountable and personally bankrupted.
  3. Considering how difficult the military academies are, at least in the past, Id say his low rank relative to other institutions remains high. Anyone who gets through the Naval Academy has accomplished much. Theyre standards are MUCH HIGHER than probably 98% of the countrys schools.
  4. The ole steady as she goes has lost its meaning. Up one day 400 points, down the next 500!! Such bullshit. And each time it makes headlines. Flash and excitement!!! Shock and Awe, pagentry to the fullest! Everyone wants to be a STAR!! Why dont we all just go play guitar at the opening bell of the Stock Market? To heck with Hollywood or even the Olympics, Wall Street is the trendy stage now.
  5. Youre view of our hell in a handbasket is correct. No matter who is elected, all this crap will only get worse. NO ONEs administration is going to reverse our downward spiral. To engage is futile, arm yourself with disassociation and become your own island. Get out of the Rat Race!
  6. I last voted for Richard Gephardt in the 1988 primaries. He was the first to pull out, from I think, 16 entrants. Shows you how well Im represented. Waaaaay out of touch! My vote wouldnt count for shit.
  7. That would be Memphis in 1970. He didnt imply it was Nashville did he?
  8. The Cowboys are leaving Texas Stadium after 38 years because they could NEVER patch the leak in the ceiling. It just kept getting bigger and bigger. Movin On.
  9. I have about 200 shows and its in my bottom 10 as far as sound quality. I dont have the MOST abyssmal recordings. The next worst sounding ones I have are Miami 2-14-69, Fillmore West 1-10-69, and maybe Buffalo. And a few from 1970, 2-24, 3-11 and a couple more. Some of my favorites for sound have already been mentioned, Texas Pop being one of my favorites. The vocals being a bit distorted from a lousy microphone probably though.
  10. You obviously failed to read the original post. Gonzaga rates as one of the worst sounding shows. Play this for a relative newbie of bootlegs as a good sound example and they will never want to listen to unauthorized recordings again. Some of your picks are real stinkers for sound. Oh my ears man!
  11. Some pseudo-hippie shit. Sounds like a cross between Dave Matthews and Hootie and the Blowfish mixed with the worst elements of a jam band. It should be over soon.
  12. If someone would just spike his drink with viagra, he would again, rock hard. From 7 to 11, just like the good old days.
  13. Release My mind is clear and the sky is the limit. Soar ya later.
  14. Id forgotten that Ian Stewart also played piano, uncredited, on RocknRoll. And wasnt there a time when Mick Ralphs of Bad Company joined Zep onstage?
  15. And if you mean who actually played on stage with them and who played on their studio songs, well, there were a few musicians who did that too. A tabla player on the first album and Sandy Denny singing on the 4th album. PG had Boogie with Stu, Ian Stewart playing piano. This song was recorded in 1971 though. Maybe the most famous player to join them onstage was Keith Moon of the Who, playing at the LA Forum concert on June 23, 1977. There were a few other too.
  16. Most of their career they played as the only band billed at their concerts. However in 1969, the vast majority of the shows they shared the bill. The list is fairly extensive, look up the Fillmore West and East shows, all the festivals they did that year and such. They played right along with the other top contemporary rock bands of the era. After 69, not many were shared bills. There are really too many to list. I took the lazy way out so you could do the search.
  17. So then they ARE running at 100% capacity of what theyre capable of. OK. Nevermind. *strappin on the saddle to my ass, err, mule.
  18. Its fine. You reiterated an important point. Thanks, truly.
  19. ^ Gee, let me take a quote from a previous post of mine. Our refineries are only at about 85% capacity, so the worry about losing 25% of the refining process could be negated by the refineries beefing up to 100% capacity during the lull. So we would only have about a 10% slowdown. Not to mention keeping those millions of gallons in the US that are shipped out each year. So, they say ~25% of our refineries are in the Houston area. We are only at 85% production now, my math may be a bit skewed but if the refineries that are already built and functioning go to 100% right now, if the Hou
  20. Just wait and see as time goes on. No matter WHO wins the election.
  21. ^ I just noticed you quoted me as picnics. Nice! Youre right, we are in the grip of oil and in the short term we must have more of that energy source to run the ship. We havent quite developed the sails to be as proficient. Too bad. Anyone for the slow boat to China? Jimmy might be at the helm. Ahoy Matey!!! I prefer Junks myself, so long as they are not too shabby.
  22. I thought when we went to war and won , we were gonna take over Iraqs oil fields, infrastructure already in place and gas would be 25 cents a gallon. The way it is, we LOST. And its costing us and forcing the admins and lots of folks to say DRILL DRILL DRILL. Maybe we ought to REALLY SURGE over there and have a ready made supply. All it takes is ONE good oil spill to spoil a big chunk of coast, anywhere.
  23. Did he ever find Tina after wreaking havoc down there? Whats love got to do with it? Plenty, IKE was pissed she left him. Didnt find her in the Carribean or on any of the oil platforms so he rampaged Galveston and Houston. I hope it was worth it to him. He left a good job in the city for this.
  24. A real bummer. Let me ask, If repairs take up to months and millions of dollars, how long and at what cost does a whole new unit installed cost? So if we expand drilling, the cost would be astronomical and the end product gasoline will still be $5.00/gallon or more wouldnt it? I dont see a lower cost anyway we go. Its too bad the industry cant just take all that money and put it into some other alternative energy. The longer they wait, the more money they put into oils infrastructure, the longer it will be before we ever make a changeover. They are the only ones with the billions to go
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