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  1. Gas prices went down because of reduced consumption. And that took awhile to lower at the pump. When Gustav was about to hit, prices went up 15 to 20 cents a gallon. The damage to production/availability was limited so the price went back down a few cents. BUT while the cost of a barrel was dropping precipitiously, like down to ~$100/ barrel the price didnt go down. So, the prices rise on SPECULATION instantly..but didnt go down with reality of lowering prices on the barrel. At least not in the 2 weeks straight, that it dropped. I didnt see any tankers at the stations yesterday with
  2. Jamaican Beef Patties, eggrolls, Arizona Fruit Punch, and any kind of delectable chocolate made into a Poolie Pie.
  3. The Crunge aha, but by Government Mule, in their concert from last October 2007. You wouldnt believe it.
  4. yeah, I know. Life goes on, with the beautiful memories and scars. Disc 2 of the Santana debut album. The original session demos and the Woodstock set in its entirety.
  5. I find irony in your wording of passion and honesty in music. My life has been full of that, however UNFELT by others. Music has been my life force. Led Zeppelin in ways have brought me the utmost joy and love, and also brought on the lowest lows. I love the band and their music, I have to say because of them, indirectly, Ive had the most meaningful and tragic happenings in my life. The day I stood in front of the 96/98 St. Marks Physical Graffiti building in New York City, I cried my eyes out. Oh and yes, I dig Alejandro Escovedo, to get back on topic.
  6. ^ Alejandro, excellent! Superb! http://www.elephant-talk.com/wiki/David_Sy...-_The_First_Day
  7. As simple as that? OK. I thought maybe it was another led wallet issue.
  8. With clothes ON. We might see her a bit differently ala naturale!
  9. I guess no one thats read my post knows the reasons for the name change of Train kept a rollin to Stroll On. Maybe SteveAJones will be able to answer it, if he sees the inquisition.
  10. I just noticed the interactive maps I hotlinked update constantly. The maps I captured as stills are stagnant of course. But several posts up the infrared is current and shows the motion as it heads into Galveston and Houston. Ive always found fascination with weather and the maps.
  11. Heres all of Stroll On (Train kept a rolling) and some interesting tidbits. About the Who, Herbie Hancocks soundtrack etc...Does anyone know the legal reasons for them changing the title of Train to Stroll On for this movie? Royalties or other problems? http://www.aquariumdrunkard.com/2007/07/27...om-blow-up-1966
  12. Looks like a Houston landing for IKE. And the Ring of Fire train of rain from southwest Texas up through Okie, Kansas, Missouri, into Illinois and Indiana might make a path for IKE as well. You folks in this band could see DAYS of rain and wind. Batten down the hatches!!!! See the storm formations as they are now from Texas clockwise? And check the projected path of the hurricane! It just about matches exactly. I hope no one has just cut their fields of hay.
  13. Give it up. The time has come and gone. Rest on their laurels. The band members have as much time as anyone and could just come on here and post their intent, like some members on other band sites. That doesnt seem to be likely. Evasiveness is the name of the game, so dont get your hopes up. Put on a cd.
  14. Ive got everything I want now. I may update a few shows as Ive seen some sources closer to the master than what I have. Ill perk my eyes up when any new shows surface though, and depending on when the show was and the quality, acquire in kind.
  15. There was some good music during that period, but it didnt come from the disco camp. Im glad the level of musicianship you seem to allude to isnt seen anymore. Not from the disco genre anyway. The best musicianship of the time was progressive jazz. Progrock had seen its heyday, punk was embryonic and classic rock was a bore. Once punk began to grow up into new wave some of the musicianship started to get better, some.
  16. No wonder gas is SO EXPENSIVE! Ike may go knocking on his hairdressers backdoor if he cant find Tina. Gotta get it somehow.
  17. Oil brokers sex scandal may affect drilling debate Associated Press Writer H. Josef Hebert, Associated Press Writer – WASHINGTON – A scandal involving sex, drugs and — uh, offshore oil drilling. Its a strange mix, and it couldnt have come at a worse time for those in Congress pressing to expand oil and gas development off Americas beaches while trying to stave off an election-year rush by Democrats to impose new taxes and royalties on the oil industry. An Interior Department investigation describing a culture of substance abuse and promiscuity by workers at the agency that issues o
  18. Corpus looks likes shes sent Tina packing up the coast. Houston, we may have a problem.
  19. Im sure if you ask, they will do a rectal exam. Oh wait, you said the cat was puking. Does it also have the shits?
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