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  1. Wouldnt it be great if they had an election and nobody came? All these billions spent on campaigns and such, what a WASTE!!!!!!!!
  2. I didnt feel it. Out of sight, out of mind. Thousands dead? Sure cant tell it around here. Do you think the stench will travel around the world? I might be affected if so. Ah, Its Just Another Day. Du Du Du Du Du Its Just Another Day. Du Du Du Du Du Its Just Another Day.
  3. Id love to see you trying to convince a grizzly in hand to hand, only, conflict of being above them. Or a great white shark when youre out swimming. Or for that matter, a deer tick with Lyme disease that has happened to lodge itself on you in a place you dont see for a few days. You wont always have that high-powered rifle, shark cage/canon style speargun, or tick repelent handy. To confront one of these as god intended, BARE, you wouldnt stand a chance. The only way youd be above them is if you were buried on top, after the rescuers threw the beasts in the grave first. Oh and btw
  4. I love it as well ! Somehow I forgot to mention that in my praise of WoF. Fresh Cream is a total kickass too!
  5. Yes, and not only The Beatles one but this one as well. Such HERESY!!! What a twist!! However, the soundtrack to this movie was a cornerstone in the godawful disco era that coincided with this release. Yeah, it influenced quite a large number of Dancing Queens. and the worst sequel ever, You cant argue against its influentiality on RocknRoll, sadly.
  6. You see though, the flag-wrapped Americans believe if you dont at least pull the lever for some candidate you have no right to voice disapproval/approval. Your opinions become moot. They would rather you do this meaningless action, even if you dont want either representative elected. Thats another thing, our country doesnt really want more than a right/wrong, democrat/republican, black/white and evil/good choice to make, it confuses many. There can only be ONE correct person to pick and ONE wrong choice. We only have 2 arms to pull that lever, more selections make that difficult. So y
  7. Because generally, they impose their smoke on anyone in the nearby proximity. It would be OK if the smoke just disappeared, but that doesnt even happen outside. Want to breathe decent air at an outside cafe? Forget it, you have to go inside to escape the smokestacks. Nothing, so long as theyre not smoking.
  8. If the world does end next week, at least it will be with great September weather. Last year it was 90-95 here everyday, even into early October. Ahhh, what blessed relief!
  9. Tina thought she was being sneaky going to Corpus Chrispie, Texas. Ike is now aiming that way, Nawlins looks like theyve given her the boot!
  10. Well if Obama loses, lets hope he quits right then and there. I know you would hate to see him being an idiot. I must admit though, you are certainly a winner. As Del points out, still being at home shows you havent quit that dependence of being under the parents umbrella and the easy street accomodations. Nice.
  11. Im glad you have read all my posts to know that.
  12. Where did I fail? Ive succeeded on many planes.
  13. Its called discussion. Science IS literal. Do you personally have a problem with FACTS, figuratively or literally? And yeah, The Bay is pretty much the ocean, framed a bit though, but MUCH MORE open than the Gulf of Mexico ! The best thing about Michigan is Ann Arbor, btw.
  14. You just proved my point. (keep) TRY (never FAIL)
  15. I have all the time in the world, at least till next week when the world ends. And ONE NEVER fails who keeps trying. Oh, and succeeding.
  16. Biscay Bay is even more open than the Gulf of Mexico where many hurricanes blow off from. As it hit England, the center of the storm (960mb), made landfall on the southwestern edge after barely touching the French peninsula. Yes, I appointed myself the hippy dippy weatherman here. I DO take pride in my weather interest. Im having trouble getting pictures to stick.
  17. Its not just the right that thinks such blunders are funny. The Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) is an international organization with a permanent delegation to the United Nations. It groups 57 member states, from the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, Caucasus, Balkan, Southeast Asia, South Asia and South America.
  18. Im sure he at least has slipped in the bathroom, after his initial slipping in the polls after Obamas convention. All has balanced out now though. It will be down to the wire. I wonder what slips we might see till then? Keep on the lookout!!! Hubba Hubba
  19. pickenpieces thank you. Actually the Bay IS the ocean. Hurricanes do not form on land. Indeed the storm brushed that northwestern penisula of France but clearly formed and traveled over water to hit the southwestern part of Britain. Im not trying to prove you wrong, if you want to reinforce your notion of it coming off of land to hit England, then the link I provided proved you wrong, not me. The link provides the pictures to show the storm moving north thru water the whole way. Ocean, Bay, water all similar. Your words again, The hurricane that hit Britain in 1987 had swept acro
  20. Did you read my post where I clearly said that B.O. had not said clearly he was Muslim or not, from Electrophiles post? Was it my tongue, yours or Obamas that slipped? Or Electrophiles?
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