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  1. Looks like he would have said, my supposed Muslim faith, other than MY muslim faith. He DID NOT clearly say he had not been a Muslim. Maybe somewhere else he denies it completely and clearly.
  2. Even earlier, Paul Williams (1915 – 2002) was an American blues and rhythm and blues saxophonist and composer. In his Honkers and Shouters, Arnold Shaw credits Williams as one of the first to employ the honking tenor sax solo that became the hallmark of rhythm and blues and rock and roll in the 50s and early 60s. After performing with Clarence Dorsey and King Porter he formed his own band in 1947. He was best known for his 1949 hit, The Hucklebuck, a twelve-bar blues that also spawned a dance craze. He used the billing of Paul Williams and his Hucklebuckers thereafter. Charlie Parker had
  3. Ive read this several times and Im trying to understand. Are you saying a hurricane hit Britain after crossing Europe? Going west, from the continent, not from the ocean? I just read about it. It formed in the Bay of Biscay off the coast of France and tracked north. Technically affecting northwestern France first. But it didnt come off the continental landmass as Id thought I understood from the post. http://www.stvincent.ac.uk/Resources/Weath...vere/oct87.html
  4. Going way back akin to LesPaul59s post, Bill Haley Firsts First band leader to form a Rock n Roll group. First Rock n Roll star to write his own music. First Rock n Roll star to reach the national charts with music he wrote and recorded. First Rock n Roll star to own his own music publishing companies. First Rock n Roll star to own his own record label and recording comoany. First white artist to be elected as the Rhythm & Blues Personality of the Year. First Rock n Roll star to sell a million records. First Rock n Roll star to receive a gold rcord. F
  5. My life wont change one iota. I just do a pole vault at the election station anyway.
  6. I think a couple of the more obscure songs on Goodbye are among their best. What a Bringdown and Doing that Scrapyard Thing I see a post or two here mentioning their studio output isnt as good as their live. I disagree. I LOVE their studio songs. The studio music on Wheels of Fire all stands out. Those Were the Days Born Under a Bad Sign Deserted Cities of the Heart Anyone for Tennis Passing the Time ALL GREAT !
  7. Yeah, Wheres the guy who overglorifies Obamas bump in the polls so often when now McCain has his 10 point bump? Fair and balanced? OH wait, thats FOX news! Same shit, different pile.
  8. And that was you? The defender was only reacting to your offense. Fighting fire, oops smoke, with smoke. Whoever lights up first is the offender, all else is retaliation. YOU changed the stakes.
  9. Sacrificing lives for a cause, whether sending 20 y.o. men to terrorize a ship full of sailors or sending women and children to wipe out a group of people in a given area is all crazy to me. I see NO honor in any of it. Official war or not, licensed killers (soldiers) or not. That young man is loved by their family just as the women and children are by their own. Maybe it would have been better if my response had been to a theoretical post whereby you depicted the twin tower terrorists plowing into the World Trade Center. Suicides for their cause. Dying is dying, killing is
  10. TipiTINAS is in New Orleans, right? yIKEs is looking!
  11. Its not just the Palestinians who have done this. KAMIKAZE !!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Since all the best music has already been done, all the coolest people have already been known, all the best places have now been overpopulated/overexploited and fenced off, bring it on. The world is going to hell in a handbasket so all who have yet to experience the best life has to offer, you better get busy. I have been to the mountain top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Here, we can watch Ike as he pummels more in his path.
  14. She packed quite the wallop herself and surely retaliated on many occasions. Maybe they should have just remained engaged, not enraged! It was a stormy relationship for certain.
  15. Hmmm, oh well. Cues up the Honolulu show from 38 years ago today, Best show of the day I can think of.
  16. Just remember, for all the animals we kill, they occasionally get back at us too. Not just the Grizzly, the Tiger, Sharks, poisonous snakes, wolves and even domestic dogs, but even the lowly tick and mosquito can kill. Im just glad that bugs dont have the organizational skills that humans do. We would be done. The tides do turn,
  17. You aint shit if youre not number 1. Oil Production & Consumption, Top 20 Nations by Production (% of Global) Here are the top 20 nations sorted by production, and their production and consumption figures. Saudi Arabia produces the most at 8,711,000.00 bbl per day, and the United States consumes the most at 19,650,000.00 bbl per day, a full 25% of the worlds oil consumption. http://www.marktaw.com/culture_and_media/p.../GlobalOil.html What cozy bedfellows! We hog all the good drugs and most of the oil too. No wonder the rest of the world calls us Pigs. The druggies get t
  18. Youre right TRB, top sustained winds are 135mph! The latest.
  19. pickenpieces


    Hanna was just a tease after the Gustav scare, but now IKE is hounding Tina! I hope shes not in New Orleans next week. The potential track puts Ike squarely aimed towards the Big Easy. If Tina is anywhere around, you better send her packing!
  20. My eyes are wide open! With all that spectacle how could they not be? I can usually resist the urge to rubberneck.
  21. Surely the Europeans were a bit more displaced. It was more attuned to their time.
  22. Its mostly the girls. They like the frilly stuff. Notice it was marolyn who proudly declared her interest.
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