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  1. Board maintanence lately? Looks like the last posts were about 8 hours ago!
  2. Thankfully ok? Shit, hes the type who was endangering others speeding, not only himself. If he doesnt learn from it he shouldve just passed on with this accident. Speeding is a menace to others on the road.
  3. pickenpieces

    GQ Awards

    I wish they had shown up for the awards looking like this In defiance of Gentlemens Quarterlys metrosexuality!
  4. That would certainly make most of the posts in this thread moot. If it happens, do you think the moderators will delete this albatross ?
  5. I saw him on this tour in 1982 But by far my favorite album of his was His first, Look Sharp and second, Im the Man were excellent too. After 1982, I really lost interest.
  6. Youre welcome. Afterall it was my post that initially backed up what you said. What tangerine said?, try pickenpieces. And its not that men dont want to be married, many (probably even MOST) could care less about the WEDDING. Thats the womans interest. And dont give me any modern men crap about how they might like it, guys just arent as into ceremonious activity like this.
  7. There is a smattering of decent tunes for sure, but for the most part, its just a boring classic rock playlist of overplayed, unadventurous songs. So predictable. If you compare this to XMs Deep Tracks, this list doesnt even want to get its hair wet.
  8. pickenpieces


    Hold onto your hat dzldoc!!!
  9. Im wondering if I should download SP3 for my XP OS. Any thoughts?
  10. Oh great, we get to have a bunch of newborn baby oil slicks out of this deal.
  11. pickenpieces


    Heres another showing the new EYE.
  12. pickenpieces


    An EYE has just formed again in Gustav. This has not been present all day. It could mean its strengthening.
  13. I know I never said I hated her. But 5 kids is too many. For China OR here. Or Alaska for that matter.
  14. You mean that guy that posts those really ong, long, long, long ones, One Drop? I keep seeing references to his banning.
  15. Is Palin a mormon? What the hell is she doing with 5 kids?
  16. pickenpieces


    At least Gustav didnt intensify like it could have in that warm central Gulf water. I thought for sure it would after leaving Cuba. Those 115mph winds look less fierce than the 150mph that it was earlier. Now maybe N.O. will get lucky and the storm will drift further west to less populace zones.
  17. And it was not a snowstorm! I cant catch my breath!!!!!!!! Hack Hack http://news.yahoo.com/nphotos/Burning-Man-...8burningmanfest
  18. You mean Karles as in Charles?
  19. August 31 One of the hottest soundboards of Led Zeppelin was recorded today outside of Dallas at the Texas International Pop Festival in 1969. An incendiary performance by the boys!
  20. Based on a Google search of Wedding Magazines, at least here in North America, Id say spats is on cue. I dont see the word GROOM mentioned once in the description of these TOP picks after clicking search. If the woman wasnt so much into it, men wouldnt be either for the most part. Its just the way it is. I see brides, brides gowns, wedding hairstyles, bridal dress, modern bride and other womanly descriptions like flowers, invitations and decorations. Men just arent into this. My search was not sex based so there was no bias. Oh I forgot, shopping too! Weddings Theyre a
  21. I understand and share your concern.
  22. A group walking? A group of what? Whatever, By the time they get there, they will be so pissed and sore they wont make very good company. Hope you can supply them with plenty of Lazyboys.
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