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  1. Some of my posts have links to show all that. I think I pretty much even said this exact thing earlier. Maybe Im BLOCKED. Oh well, we can never have too many links!
  2. Thats right next to Corpus Crispy, right? North Padre Island?
  3. The weather services had predicted the winds to only be about 120mph at Cuban landfall. Theyre 150, which is only 5mph less than the most intense hurricane status of level 5. And it IS STILL strengthening. The waters in its projected pathway just north of Cuba are the warmest in the Gulf. Thats where it should sustain its most powerful wind velocity. If its 150mph now, it could conceivably hit 170-175mph at that point. I like tracking this thing, Im sure Ill get chills up my spine tonight when it hits that warmest water region. Hope goes out to anyone in its way.
  4. This sucker is hitting Cuba right now with 150mph winds. It almost looks like its taking a slightly more northerly path. Check out the well-defined eye. This link should show you the below with movement. http://images.intellicast.com/WeatherImg/S...t_None_anim.gif
  5. Nutso how something so destructive can be so beautiful. In infrared anyway.
  6. From the resident hippy dippy LZ.com weatherman, This storm is magnifying quickly. Already maximum sustained winds of 120mph, gusts to 135mph!!! Good luck to you bayou people. The latest. I just realized the date in the upper left hand corner of this picture says September 4th. Weird.
  7. Keyword!!!!! Let the conspiracists have at it.
  8. GREAT fuckin post!!! Surely you realize ONE of those pieces of music was honored by the Library of Congress as a milestone in American recordings! http://theresalduncan.typepad.com/witostai..._youth_mas.html PLUS you listed one of my most abhored bands too.
  9. Obviously It was Love at First Sight.
  10. Do they still have peep shows? I saw a LIVE one once. A few of us, girls and guys, stuffed into a tiny room, a curtain opened and on the other side of a window was this chick masturbating!!! It was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all laughed riotously.
  11. Its easier to put a bag over a head than a whole body, so.... WYR Jump in cool water during the summer or soak in a hot tub in winter?
  12. I understand your reasoning, however it still is only conjecture, admitted by yourself in the end. That was my point as well as saying as time goes on, people change their views. So factually, it might possibly have happened. Thanks for your opinion though, really.
  13. Its gonna happen. There are some ISPs that already limit usage. 250gigs is a bunch of usage though, so Im not too worried. But for the ultra-download/upload geek, they need to watch out! Surfing web pages wont add up too fast, its the major torrentors that may find restriction. Also the article just says residential, so bypass that with a business account.
  14. Comcast to limit customers broadband usage SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Comcast Corp, the largest U.S. cable operator, said on Thursday it will cap customers Internet usage starting October 1, in a bid to ensure the best service for the vast majority of its subscribers. Comcast said it was setting a monthly data usage threshold of 250 gigabytes per account for all residential high-speed Internet customers, or the equivalent of 50 million e-mails or 124 standard-definition movies. If a customer exceeds more than 250 GB and is one of the heaviest data users who consume the most data on our
  15. I do find fascination in maps and not to hype, which I abhore, I will provide the projected path given by intellicast. Maybe you in the bayou ought to head for the hills, if this projection holds water (pun intended), landfall will put the worst part of the storm near N.O. with 115 mile an hour winds. That means the surge would come from the worst direction. Could be dire. Its all speculation still, so if sticking around, got your party supplies?
  16. We partied during the storm and I even went to the shore (less than a mile away) a photod the surge. It was about 15 feet. Heres the latest this morning of Gustav, intellicast.com
  17. Thats too restful, more like NIGHTMARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Ive been in the EYE of a hurricane and the brunt end and rear end as well. Fortunately it was moving so fast the damage was slight, relatively. Thats the chance I took living in harms way, so I understand. But the media frenzy, the panicking WAY before the threat manifests into a more likely chance of a near or direct hit, irks me. I dont see that as human nature, but human unnatural. Then again, alot of people watch soap operas. Its SHOWTIME !!!!!!!!
  19. Is Diet Pepsi the equivalent to a Shirley Temple? barkeep: A milk McFly? McFly: Im going all out tonight, make it a chocolate.
  20. Another Monday morning quarterback. No speculation just factual statement huh? Thanks for the info.
  21. I understand the skittishness of New Orleans residents when a hurricane has a chance of coming your way. But its over Jamaica, could go anywhere from Texas to Tampa. What, a 10% or less chance of hitting you straight on? Why not just MOVE away the WHOLE hurricane season or leave for good? That to me is like freaking out everytime a thunderstorm forms and you live in tornado alley, or really, anywhere there could be tornadoes. I do hope for anyones sake it just fizzles out, but seriously, if a Carribean hurricane causes such unrest at this early of a stage, why stay there? I do
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