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  1. Another for the who cares coffer. Im not watching any of convention hoopla. I really couldnt care less. To me, it would be like watching a religious rally, ala Billy Graham and his disciples. Life goes on no matter who is president.
  2. Very nice post ~tangerine~ No One seems to remember that Ringo, Paul and George got together to complete a couple of solo Lennon recordings for the Anthology discs. Free as a Bird and Real Love. I have no doubts had Lennon lived, there would have been a great chance they may have done some work together again, whether or not they did a concert, who knows? Time and Age changes people and their bitterness they would have had amongst them. Even the disdain they had for live performance might have lessened as well. So much of the paranoia among big musicians now stems in part
  3. Run for the hills!! As Gustav hits Jamaica another forms east and whats that in the western Gulf? Latest satellite shot from intellicast.com
  4. I gave peas a chance and got violently ill.
  5. Maybe Dan Quayle wasnt so far off spelling potato, potatoe. The French spell it with an E. And frites suit fries to a T.
  6. Even with countries the US have a common language with, England, we spell CHIPS as FRENCH FRIES. Whats up with that? What are French Fries called in France?
  7. They sure had a tall baby in T-Bone Burnett then. Sheesh. I guess that is what one gets when planted with a Big Log though.
  8. If I had been there, instead of being a tripod for my cellphone photography, I would have one of these. I DO like to see above the tall Dutch! UP PERISCOPE!
  9. Gee, I guess Mick Hughes is in the picture too (further back of course) and his word would be valid as well. So there you have it, apparently back by the soundboard WAS a different story. Im sure he could see better too, being up higher on the soundboard versus trying to look over all the tall people around.
  10. Thats because the screens would be facing towards the back of the arena, not toward the stage.
  11. Ringo has been with Barbara Bach for around 30 years hasnt he? They should be included too.
  12. Pause the video, capture screen, import into Paint, crop and save picture! Is that how you did it?
  13. Maybe it was just speculation then. That was what was going around the grapevine at the time.
  14. Is Bernie Taupin still with Elton John? Or did they have a hissy-fit and break up? Ive been so out of touch.
  15. pickenpieces


    Am I finished? Why dont you address the post where you accused Raging Spirit of saying ALL swimming events were in the ocean. When in fact you said ALL events were in the pool. I find it funny that you evade that. Do you have a hard time admitting being wrong? You accuse him of exactly what you said, albeit the opposite point. Ocean - Pool
  16. An incredible record. http://www.amazon.com/Damage-David-Sylvian/dp/B00005NDVK
  17. pickenpieces


    Needless crap because it was pointed out how you were wrong? Evasive and its very funny.
  18. The Bass groove to Regiment on My Life in the Bush of Ghosts kicks major ass. The overall album is so haunting, especially the REAL exorcism samples in one of the tunes. Eeeerieee!!!!! Im curious about the new one.
  19. Why hell yes I would! I was touring 30 years ago on a rock circuit that included the top acts (attendance-wise) of the late 70s. Along with all the debauchery----wine, women and song. Rock and Fuckin Roll!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. pickenpieces


    As a matter of fact, post #292 electrophile says ALL events were in the pool in Australia. Restless Spirit never said All at all. Go look.
  21. You guys are waiting for the flashbacks? Ive never come down.
  22. Then I will repost my very first post yesterday when I heard about the miming. BUZZKILL!!!!!!!!!
  23. Thats been said before, you are not the first. I will hold out my complete personal decision till it IS official.
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