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  1. Show, performance, whatever. I wasnt necessarily addressing just YOUR post. I dont know how much youve read, but there are ALOT of blind worship posts all over the board here. People caring NOT at all about the performance. It WAS a performance that was at least in part mimed. I still think some of his solo was possibly live though. If its all ONLY about show, so what? Go to Las Vegas.
  2. Of course it counts for something. However, good discussion of particulars is important too. Blind worship, an its all good approach is not very level headed. Critique of the performance and show should be welcomed. All opinions.
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    The Australians would whoop any Englishman in open water competition anyway. The Aussies are true waterdogs, probably the toughest on the planet. Ever seen the water games the lifeguards play there? They would be like those Chinese tinkerbells in gymnastics. ALL the gold!!!
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    Raise your hand if you have yet to reach puberty and knowingly participated in these games illegally.
  5. About all the talk of miming and this being beneath Led Zeppelins legacy. I hate miming. When I first heard about it I posted dismay. THEN I saw the youtube of it and thought Jimmy played at least SOME of what I was hearing. And its hard to tell about the vocals. I just dont know if she sang live or not. I agree with Del for the most part about this. After reading so many posts it looks like about 90% of the people here are MORE into the spectacle and presence of Jimmy Page than the performance. I lean toward the performance but, of course, still like seeing Jimmy. But this specta
  6. Haha Funny. http://fuppets.blogspot.com/2008/08/olympi...sh-give-us.html Then the truly horrific British melt-down began. Out of the top of the bus rose some pop star, and a goddamn decrepit old white haired idiot who barely could hold up his heavy Les Paul guitar. It was sexagenarian Jimmy Page. Fucking Jimmy Page. He looked like a fucking retired golf pro. He proceeded to play along to a piped-in track of Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin while the disposable pop-bitch who won some sort of TV show sang. There are so many things wrong with this but -FUPPETS- will point out just one. T
  7. Obviously a product made in China. NO respect for our flag. Wheres the outcry?
  8. Sorry, please forgive. Punk is bunk Discos dead Puff the skunk And turn up the Led!
  9. Thing is, alot of fat fuckers take the escalators and they dont provide first-class passing room on them. Instead of saying excuse me, too often you just have to say, Move it on you fat fucker!
  10. Purple microdot, Orange Sunshine shining through the windowpane. Ahhhh, those were the days.
  11. Or better yet, just prevent conception in the first place. And just think, the landfills will be spared all those disposable diapers!
  12. For the first part I agree except I do like The Clash. The second part I edited are an excellent choice. Wire is about the best of their time period to me, the 77-79 era, climaxing with 154. Can were unique in their experimental sounds, Funkadelic mixed funk and psychedelic like no-one else and Id have to include DSOTM with Floyds essentials, but thats my cut-off point for them. Im a part of everyone who loves Creedence. The original statement of punk being taken seriously over classic rock does not comprehend in my mind.
  13. and the EP that came with the edition given as promos to record stores.
  14. We are gonna need a new lighter. Stairway to Heaven or Highway to Hell. What will be your theme song on redemption day?
  15. There is something quite unsettling about that.
  16. Its bad enough now, can you imagine 50 million more people in our country today? By 2040 its estimated there will be 400 million in the US, now its about 300 million. OH boy, jeepers!!!!!!
  17. I wish this decision was more widespread. Especially with the 3rd World countries and immigrants for the most part, bucking this reproductive conservation. Its been said caucasians need to start reproducing more, for instance in Europe (Italy especially), to counter the minority populations rise. NO, everyone needs to reproduce less.
  18. I heard notes that I didnt see fretted either, but do YOU think any of what was heard was LIVE? Leona has a ear monitor, was her voicing live?
  19. I really am believing some of Jimmys play was live. Why bother with the cord, transmitter, monitor w/cable, if NOT? Others here dont care, I do and wish I could determine positively. Maybe Jimmy will confirm.
  20. You might notice in my posts I said, some of it MAY have been live. LOL at you who doesnt read thoroughly.
  21. I guess that seals it then. At least some of what we heard surely was played LIVE!
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