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  1. I'm pretty sure there is someone here that I know, I just don't know where they are!

  2. thank you for my birthday greetings lol valleygirlxxx

  3. I doubt it dude, it'll be just after my summer exams and probably won't be allowed to go :( I'm sure you'll have great fun though!

  4. Hey wendigo,i'm going to Bruce Springsteen in the RDS in May and Eric Clapton at the Marquee in Cork in June :thumbsup: it'll be a good year,what shows are you gonna be going to?

  5. THe Picture of Dorian Grey is a fantastic book and by a wonderful Irish author Really pulls you into the book, doesn't he? I'm reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak(sp?)
  6. I don't know.....one of the Irish radio stations play some stuff by new and unknown bands every night....but I just don't like it. It just doesn't float my boat. I don't know why, it's probably just me. But I did buy the album of a local metal band whose bassist I know and I love it, and I'm going to buy a classmate's CD tomorrow. Which I think is rap/hip-hop. And if I like it, I have just turned a corner. BUt anyway, I think I belong to a totally different era.
  7. That's the problem, you have to dig miles to find something worthwhile. That's why I stick with the good ol' stuff
  8. Snow Patrol. Even the name makes me feel nauseous. Which doesn't help, since all my friends love them. And I don't like Emo, it's too depressing. And Rap? Again the nausea. Actually, most of the stuff nowadays is quite horrible. But that's my opinion. I'm just not a fan of flabby, soft rock. But I ADORE Duran Duran( The Reflex!), Foreigner and them. And I also like REO Speedwagon - but they are a guilty pleasure band through and through. And who on earth said Bad Company? They're great! The Rolling Stones: like some of their early stuff, but that's it. ANd I don't think Dylan can sing.
  9. A Russian discussion??? Oooh!!!!! Unfortunately, all I can say to that is: babooshka!!!
  10. That song rocks! Best Of Black Sabbath album- Black Sabbath
  11. Why thanks Sam. Just for saying that, you're cool!:)

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