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  1. I was at that show, it was on a Friday. You're right, it was a great show, better than the Monday night show. The band was in a good mood and played very well and very long. They had Tuesday night off (I think) and played Wednesday and Thursday in Vancouver, B.C. I saw all the shows that week. They came back to Seattle to play a second show on Friday. I must have lost millions of brain cells as well as losing a portion of my hearing seeing all those shows that week. It's okay though, it was well worth it.
  2. I do remember hearing about a time after LiveAid 1985 that the three of them got together to rehearse somewhere and how Robert described JPJ as playing some "rollicking" keyboards and that it (the rehearsals) sounded "very promising". But I guess it wasn't to be.
  3. 1970 at a friends house. We were casually playing records, Beatles, Stones, Doors, etc. Then he put on Led Zeppelin II, Side 2, starting with Heartbreaker. We listened to the whole side of the record....over....and....over....and....over. I was never the same.
  4. "and may i ask what you did to upset him lol" I wouldn't move when he asked me to.
  5. Awesome! I still remember that show! I can almost hear Richard Cole yelling at me.
  6. I had heard Zeppelin being played a bit on the AM radio, but it wasn't until I was at a friends house in 1970 (I think) that I was able to hear complete albums by the band. He had an older brother who had all their albums. I remember hearing 'Ramble On' for the first time and I couldn't get it out of my head! It was magical! It was beautiful! It was heavy! I had to hear it again and again and again until my friend said, "You've heard it 14 times already man, I'm gonna wear the record out!" My dad passed away suddenly in 1970 and I can still remember those long winter nights going through al
  7. I've always thought that was intentional, but I could be wrong. I remember Page being interviewed prior to the relesase of Graffiti and he said the album would "hit people in the groin more". That particular spot on the recording cetrtainly does just that!
  8. The Rover @ 02:55 into the song A tritone or augmented fourth. A bad note from Page? Intentional? Who knows. I've always liked it.
  9. Speaking of Sabbath, When Tony Iommi married his first wife, who was his best man? John Bonham.
  10. Hello,

    Just thought I'd stop by and say hi.

  11. It was exciting watching him play his solo from behind the stage in 1977 until their road manager yelled at me and told me to move on.
  12. With all due respect to Bachman, the late Kurt Winter was an underrated guitarist who played and sung his way into the history of that band. His sound and style has never been duplicated to this day. His musicianship was one of a kind and is very, very missed. The planned follow up album to 'American Woman', 'The Way They Were' with Bachman (released from the vaults in 1976), can't begin to compare with the 1970 release 'Share The Land' with Winter. Kurt brought a pocketful of songs into that band from another group called Brother and they fit like a glove in The Guess Who. Unfortunately the b
  13. Jimmy Page Duane Allman Danny Weis Erik Brann Roy Buchanan Terry Kath Jimi Hendrix Tony Iommi Richie Blackmore Eric Clapton Jeff Beck Stevie Ray Vaughan Robin Trower All unique. For me, there is no order, only what mood I'm in.
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