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  1. Manic Street Preachers in Oslo on Friday the 9th, I have to thank Knebby from this forum for making me listen to and discover this fantastic band years ago. It's a dream come true seeing them.
  2. As I recall one of the reasons this never happened was because they were not allowed to change anything bar the sound in the main movie feature due to legal reason. In addition to the lack of footage, that is. It would be sweet with some concert-only versions of NQ, Dazed, Moby Dick (not really) and TSRTS/Rain song.
  3. Ah yeah I didn't bother putting it in since you already mentioned it, it was already a long quote and I couldn't be arsed, I just wanted to get to the meat of it. Oh no, I'm not putting any interpretation on it, just posting it for reference. I don't really have an opinion on that incident lol.
  4. The Song Remains the Same The Rover Black Dog Four Sticks Nobody's Fault Trampled Underfoot The Ocean No Quarter (About 12 min) [Acoustic set] Going to California Bron-yr-Aur Stomp Acoustic White Summer Battle of Evermore, with a female co-singer though Rain song Interlude - Because that's how you do it these days In the Evening In My Time of Dying Celebration Day Fool in the Rain Kashmir Over the Hills I Can't Quit you Baby Stairway Rock and Roll -Encores- Any combination of these, 2-4 songs. Whole Lotta Love Custard Pie Bring it on Home How Many More Times Sick Again Wanton Song
  5. I always figured it had to do with Robert's destroyed voice in the movie/soundtrack, it took me a while to warm to it, that's for sure. JPJ, Jimmy and Bonzo are at their peak though, but to the masses when the singer is out of shape, the rest won't click. If Rob still had his powerful 71 voice I think a lot of the excess would have been forgiven. I still think the original soundtrack has the best No Quarter of all time, the most incredible Stairway solo too. But who cares what everyone else thinks! Will watch it again anytime!
  6. Mielazul, I have the book in front of me now so I'll post the quote you referenced:
  7. This right here. +1 It's important to note that the comments on Page in the book are fairly consistent, not only with each other, but also with Page's observable behaviour in interviews and quotes etc. There's negative comments about everyone in the book, from Jimmy to Grant, and also a ton of praise for the band members, every one of them. Jimmy has never been private with the media, always been the one to keep a shroud of mystery around everything, always the one giving ambiguous answers. Everything we as fans can observe and know about him fits in fairly well with the picture given in the book. Of course, it's impossible for us to know if Jimmy did really spit on his roadies, threw trash bins over them, fucked over people on a regular basis, humiliated women and was rude and obnoxious to H. Goldsmith over the 02 gig. But you also have to realise that making such acussations is rarely done without any basis in reality whatsoever. When yo u have like 10 different people all saying the same things about Jimmy it's either rooted in reality or an absurd conspiracy. What I do know is that we are talking about a band surrounded by heavy drugs, money and power. It'd be quite the miracle if they all stayed grounded. Also remember, we are fans, we jump to the defense of our heroes quite quickly, we are not exactly unbiased. For every 10 people saying Bonzo was a violent drunk maniac you will find 10 people elsewhere who will say he was the kindest, sweetest man you could meet. A few people on these board have met the members of Zep, but how many can say they actually knew/know them, on a personal level? We're looking at a very small amount of people here. I guess what I'm trying to say is that we are not the authority regarding this, all we can do is make up our own minds based on stories, intervews, quotes, and whatever else we come across. Be a critical thinker and come to your own conclusion, but don't ever expect to have an absolute knowledge on these matters. As for me, while I found some of the things in the book quite fascinating, some other things were repulsive and gave me second thoughts, as much as I love this band I just can't ignore it when you have 20 people saying things that are consistent with each other. I truly don't believe all these people around Zeppelin have some hidden agenda, and Shep is right when he says Hoskyns is one of the most serious rock journalists out there, I've read his books on The Band and Tom Waits, he is nowhere near being a sensationalist tabloid hack. I found this to be the most damning quote in the book: I don't know what's true or not, but shit like this doesn't come from nowhere, that's my belief anyway. Don't forget, there is a lot of praise for Jimmy in the book too! At the end of it all, it's just a reminder that deep down I'm a fan of the music and not the people making it, and it's important to keep your distance or you might just be very let down, they are mortals like us, with their faults.
  8. It's such a shame that never happened!
  9. Some signs that gives away if the footage is from Shepperton or MSG: JPJ wore a wig at Shepperton. Everyone had put on some weight by 1974, but this is barely noticeable. Robert had his nasty English teeth in 1973 but by 1974 he had them fixed. In the live footage there is a bunch of crew, fans, security and hanger-ons around and behind the stage. And a lot of them. This was not recreated at Shepperton, at least not to scale. If you ever see a shot with absolutely no one around the stage it's a telltale sign that it's from Shepperton. I always thought Robert's "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh" at the end of Rain Song was shot in the studio, as I don't think there ever was a camera rail at MSG. This is just my speculation though.
  10. The truth is that there really isn't that much film we haven't seen. That's the reason they shot the fantasy sequences and filmed at Shepperton in the first place. The filming at Madison Square Garden was messy and badly co-ordinated. Some quotes from the Barney Hoskyns book:
  11. About Benji LeFevre and the whole playing the 6-string while chording the 12-string quote, I'm fairly certain this never happened during a song on stage, it's just not something that slips through the cracks, and I have never heard a bootleg of said gig where this happens. If Jimmy did that it would just be a noise, not a wrong chord or something like that, just go ahead and strum and open 6-string guitar yourself. However I don't think Benji is lying either, I'd say this is a case of 30+ years gone by and a mishmash of memories, it's entirely possible Benji could have seen something like this in another setting, or another guitar-related failure and over the years it's just all boiled into one soup.
  12. Many great shows in fall 1970, I feel.
  13. I just took a Zeppelin ride in WoW. There is also a quest there called Houses of the Holy.
  14. Probably a bit obvious, but it depends so much on the situation. If I was walking past a restaurant or cafe with one of them sitting there all alone there's no way I would disturb them. If I was walking in a quiet London neighbourhood and saw Jimmy walking on the other side of the street I would perhaps wave across to him but not cross the street or anything like that. Now, if I met one of them in a less haphazard place I'd probably ask for a photo and talk if they had the time.
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