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  1. Manic Street Preachers in Oslo on Friday the 9th, I have to thank Knebby from this forum for making me listen to and discover this fantastic band years ago. It's a dream come true seeing them.
  2. I just took a Zeppelin ride in WoW. There is also a quest there called Houses of the Holy.
  3. Great info & pics Jeff and Badgeholder! Those sounds like fantastic times indeed Badgeholder, what Zep shows were you at? Also, I notice that sometimes the location is given as LA and other times as Inglewood... what is correct? Is it the same thing as in Miami where Miami Beach is another legal entity but de facto Miami Beach and Miami is the same city? The Forum is also in the video game GTA: San Andreas.
  4. Maybe someone felt their privacy was being invaded, it was taken from Facebook so I think it's understandable.
  5. Nice pics Steve, does anyone have anything on the LA Forum? I know I could look up on google for fact but you guy's posts are much more interesting.
  6. I'd go see them without even thinking about it if they came around these parts... Sadly I think that's unlikely.
  7. Stairway from Mannheim 1980, audience recording! Jimmy's solo is really really good here. Annoyingly enough people are clapping(!) along during the slow parts.
  8. If it's the real deal Jimmy will pay more than any collector on Ebay can offer anyway.
  9. Woops I think I misunderstood you as well, I though you meant legit labels like Atlantic etc. when you said "major labels". Sorry for that.
  10. I'm sorry but that's exactly how it is. These people are not the mafia or anything but they're not gonna trade Zep masters with just anybody are they. And "major labels" don't sell bootlegs, shady labels from Japan do. There is no way on the face of this planet Jimmy will officially release a bootleg. And Jimmy would never release the Detroit/Seattle stuff either, because it wasn't multitracked. I think you've misunderstood here, these people don't trade what you or I can get for free on the net, they are concerned with masters or copies of shows that have not been released yet. Usually these tapes "do the rounds" between collectors ("hoarders" as you like to say), and then they are released to people like us for free. THEN bootleg companies will just grab that and print it profesionally, thus pissing people off even further. Fact is, if these "losers" didn't spend their hard-earned money on tapes, we wouldn't have had half of the stuff we have! And btw, it's not any loser who confirmed the existence of the Pontiac video, I don't know weedwacker but I have every reason to believe that person is on his "trust list".
  11. Exactly how it was stolen I do not know, but it' true that alot of the profesionally recorded stuff has been stolen from Jimmy. For example all the 1980 soundboard recordings, and many studio outtakes. That's why when you listen to a 1980 show it's almost always a soundboard, because they were released in the '80s at a time when most available shows where bad quality audience recordings. Of course when the internet came around that all changed. It's a safe bet that soundboards from other years were stolen Jimmy as well, but these remained unreleased for a long time. It's only in the last ten years that a ton of soundboards from '77 and '75 have become available. EDIT: In fact I am not sure if the tapes were actually stolen or just copied.
  12. Not everything, just think of the Knebworth, Seattle and Earl's Court concerts, alle of these have been released without any consent from the band. The masters may be in Jimmy's hands (as is the case with Knebworth and Earl's Court at least), but you can be sure that some kind of copy is being traded in so-called tight circles.
  13. :slapface: What I meant to say what that Houston gets more speculation... I can't believe I wrote that.
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