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  1. My Elvis Presley knowledge may finally be paying off. The guy seated I'm almost certain is George Klein. Friend of Elvis since 1953 and DJ on Elvis channel on Sirius Satellite Radio currently. Best bet is backstage at Mid-South Colisuem on 4/17/70
  2. Price can vary quite a bit from $75-$200ish, One of the more sought after stubs. Full band name and complete date are the key. Put up a scan. I would be interested in it.
  3. In a perfect world for me as a Zep fan(well nearly perfect), I wish Robert would do what somebody like Neil Young does. Every so often he cranks it up with Crazy Horse, does a solo record and tour, does a Buffalo Springfield tour, etc. That's what frustrates me with seeing clips of tunes like "Bron-Y-Aur Stomp" live done that faithfully, Jimmy should be the one in the band next to him(at least sometimes) on acoustic guitar.
  4. Nice to hear a great "faithful" version of "Bron-Y-Aur Stomp. As with other Zep tunes he's doing(nearly the entire set), he seems to be circling back to original arrangements unlike many previous "interpretations" from recent tours like the Band Of Joy tour wherein some of the arrangements seemingly tried to be different for the sake of being different. I have wishfull thinking that he is doing this to warm up for a '14 road trip with the Capricorns.
  5. For me it's from the U.S. '73 tour on, My favorite "era" (if you can call it an era) are the '75 Earl's Court shows. Both "Dazed" and "No Quarter" are gloomy and very atmospheric. Of course I will pop on earlier shows from time to time but lean more towards the indulgent sprawling shows from '75 and '77. Would have been interesting to have heard what they would have sounded like on a '76 tour.
  6. In the lobby of the Peabody Hotel where Elvis went to his prom in June of '53. Note the Elvis shirt. Here's the full story: To make a long story fairly short, I met Robert twice on Tuesday(7/8/08). It was our family summer trip(I’m from NY)to Savannah, GA then to Orlando and finally Memphis. Anyway, I knew he was playing that night(the 8th)in Memphis so if I was going to take a shot at meeting him it would be at the Peabody Hotel. It’s a famous hotel in downtown Memphis. It’s the 5 star place and has a quirk in which ducks walk down a red carpet into an elevator everyday @ 11AM. Also, Lansk
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