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  1. Anyone going? Should I build a fucking time machine. And if I could lets get Mick Taylor to get out there and play.
  2. pageforever


    Lola. lalalala lola lalala lola. I love you baby!!
  3. Dude. I just told you I'm voting for McCain.
  4. And McCain at least paid his dues. Fought in a war and was lucky to get out alive. He is more worthy than Obama. Why should I vote for Obama. Give me one good reason? There are none. The "we are due for a black guy shit doesn't sell me. We shoudl have had a women and she was shot down for what? Becuase her husband fucked around? What did she do? Nothing. Fuck Obama. He is going down.
  5. What a bunch of morons. This country was fine with Billy Clinton as it would have been with Hillary. Now you want to turn it over to this racist black? Fucking dumb youth in this country will bring us down. McCain must wiin. And I am a Dem. I hate Republicans, but hate Obama much more.
  6. Amen to that Medhb. Obama is the biggest blunder I've seen in politics in a long time.
  7. pageforever


    bad break for Lola Jones in the hurdles. Damn it! I'll marry her tomorrow. She is sooooooo hot.
  8. pageforever


    I agree. And polotics and music don't mix either. So why so much of it here? Because of no tour! And sports and music don't usually mix, but this closing ceremony will be an exception. I hope Jimmy shows up trashed and rips off all the Zepp classics. No, just kidding, I want the people in this world that don't know who he is, like I don't know who this young chick he is playing with is, to learn that he is the greatest guitarist to ever walk the planet. And to me the greatest musician period. I know Beethoven will get a few votes and deservedly so, but to me, its Page and only Page. A
  9. So this will happen Sunday at some point? What time EST? I want to tape it. So it would be monday in China? Or are we going to see it on tape delay? If anyone has the specific times please post.
  10. pageforever


    My sister is married to a chinese man. She is into all the food and culture. I don't know that much about it. I like some of the food. But much I don't care for either. Back to the Olympics. I think I am in love with Lolo Jones! I have never seen a woman run that good and look that good at the same time! Hot! Then again, I love watching alot of those Russian women too. They turn me on!
  11. I see all this bickering over these two candidates that should be running for dog catcher rather than president. I can\'t believe the country has come to this. We will be laughing stocks to other nations. McCain is the lesser of two evils in my book. The guy that said people are figuring out this Obama dude is right on the money. He will lose. How about that dumb comment on conception? He really got caught with his pants down on that one.
  12. pageforever


    Anyone see Lolo Jones qualify for the final in the 100 meter hurdles? Smokin!!
  13. I actually met Peter Noone about 4 yrs ago. Original singer in Herman\'s Hermit\'s. I always liked some of their songs. My favorite, \"Mrs Brown you have a lovely Daughter\">
  14. pageforever


    After watching his interview with Costas, I think that Phelps will stick with sports. I don\'t think he has a shot at politics. Amazing that he still won the butterfly after loosing his vision and had to be distracted big time. I\'ll never know how they can swim that stroke. It is the toughest one in swimming.
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