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  1. Saw it yesterday in Washington DC at Landmark E Street Cinemas. Sound could have been louder. Crowd was great, singing along, cheering, clapping after each song. Lot of Zeppelin fans were there and probably people who saw them in the 1970's.
  2. Yeah that was actually Robert ordering pizza for Bonzo, pizza place was calling back because they forgot Bonzo's order
  3. Ozzy Osbourne And Rob Halford Tommorow Night At The 1st Mariner Arena In Baltimore
  4. Man This Years Super Bowl Halftime Show Is Going To Blow! ZZ Top Just Got Shafted By The Black Eyed Peas... The NFL Blows This Year At Picking Halftime Shows
  5. When you have a dream that you're interviewing osama bin laden, and charles manson and they mention that they like Led Zeppelin you immediately think there really not that bad... wait why am i talking to osama bin laden and charles manson??
  6. Jesus leave the man alone... I'm sure he just wants to catch a plane without cameras in his face
  7. ledzepptim

    GRAMMY Results

    It sucks that such an untalentless person like Miley Cryus had to give Robert Plant his grammy... He should have "accidently" pushed her off the stage. She probably didnt know who Robert Plant was.
  8. I heard from my brother that Jimmy Page walked into a music store in LA and The Blood Brothers were performing and he just walked out... So I guess he does not like The Blood Brothers.
  9. I thought last nights episode was ok
  10. Led Zeppelin With out Robert Plant isn't Led Zeppelin... it's just Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, Jason Bonham and some talentless hack... Robert Plant is Led Zeppelin... This is blasphemy. But whatever Jimmy wants to do if it makes him happy then let him do it
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