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  1. They obviously had a good time on stage. They were in their own world up there and the admiration they had for Jason was amaxing especially at the end when he finished off rock n roll. It was like Jason had 3 proud papa's wacthing him. So I can't stand when these guys start ripping them apart for not being ever so perfect. I'm a drummer for 30 years and fully appreciated the movie as a fan. We all wanted to be there and this is as close as we are gonna get so just take it for what it was. It was a tribute to Ahmet and that's the only reason it happened. I do hope the DVD does not have
  2. wo now....you have to go into the film expecting to see a band that has not been on the road all this time w only 6 weeks rehearsal and under tremendous pressure from their fans to do a show. Take it easy on them, we asked for what they gave us and to be honest it wasn't all thatbad if you went in with the right head. If you expected to see Zep from the hey day of course you would be disapointed. The only disappointment I had was the audio problem.. I knew what to expect musically and they did a very good job, sure there were some chaotic musical moments but I'd like to see how you would per
  3. Saw the movie last night at the Westbury NY UA theatre. Was greatly disappointed in the audio quality for the first half of the movie. The volume was way too low but gradually increased thru out the show. The performance however was a joy to see. the four guys simply had a great time. Did any one else have audio issues at the theatre they attentened last night? I am very curious...and a quite a bit let down. I was expecting to get blown away by the audio. Please let me know if this was an issue elswhere or only at the Westbury.
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