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  1. Their online store just opened up again in like forever, and both Queens of the Stone Age and the Vultures Facebook page shared it. Seems kind of weird to do that when the band has been dead for almost 5 years now. Maybe something is brewing, they're gauging their audience and maybe going to work on some new music? Though it was very interesting nonetheless. https://www.facebook.com/QOTSA/posts/10153241279597806?comment_tracking=%7B%22tn%22%3A%22O%22%7D
  2. This is so great. Probably will only shell out for a couple deluxe box sets, mainly Physical Graffiti. Can't wait to see what gems are on that thing. I really also hope there's some new footage in the mix somehow. Most likely not, but would love it though.
  3. Well think about it. My guess is that in the months after the O2 show in 2008 they were working on new material. What they had must've been so good and they must've felt so rejuvenated by it. But when that all comes crashing down, yeah hell, I'd be annoyed too. But then there's that 2 edged sword. They keep talking about how it couldn't and shouldn't continue without Bonham. But yet they still want to go out and tour with Plant. Robert is the only one sticking to his guns. So there is some hypocrisy on both sides as well. Aside from all that, the only real dream I have is to see what th
  4. The more and more I see these questions asked, the more I can see that Page is NOT happy that they're not reuniting. That answer he keeps giving about how its been five years, get the hint. I do agree with Robert, but I think Robert deep down knows he won't be able to handle the regular grind and I don't think he wants that spotlight again. Even though Jimmy Page is the Zeppelin leader, the focal point will be Robert.
  5. Makes sense if you think about it. Out of all of them, it was Bonham and Plant who were best friends. They were the ones who were in the same band as kids and knew each other as children. And it was Plant who brought Bonham in when Jimmy didn't know what drummer to get for Zep. I really think with the death of his son, and then the death of his best friend and bandmate that probably scarred him for life. I can't say I know how that feels cause I'm not in his shoes, so I can't judge.
  6. I thought one of the really interesting things was Page talking about his drug use. He was kind of in defense of himself and didn't want to describe himself as being a slave to drugs and alcohol. He said that there was no point during his time with drugs where he thought he was totally not in control anymore. I beg to differ if you see some of the 1977 videos and pics. It was really disturbing to watch him play and see how thin he was.
  7. If I see a "Four" on my Facebook timeline tomorrow im gonna freak the f**k out.
  8. Yep... it sure does start with an H. Man Heroine is a motherf**ker!! What's weird is Jimmy's fashion sense was at its coolest with the white dragon suit and his aviator sunglasses, but man he looked like a skeleton. I truly believe that if Zeppelin didn't break up when it did, Page most certainly would've died. On another note, I really wish the Pontiac gig was filmed, hopefully it exists and will come out one day.
  9. All of them are great, but without a doubt In My Time of Dying is by far Bonzo's best drumming track he ever recorded in a studio. That track is ALL Bonham, all 11 minutes of it. The stamina it takes to play that song the way he did with not only the speed, finesse, and power is amazing. And remember that song was one take. So he did that straight through for eleven minutes. I swear every time I hear, it doesn't even feel like 11 minutes lol. But yeah, the groove of the track to the climax of the last chaotic seconds where Robert's screamin "Take it, Take it, Take it" and Bonzo going crazy, ma
  10. Not sure if this was posted but I've NEVER seen this before and I would assume this is pretty rare, my bad if this has been posted before, but its an old interview with Robert Plant in March 1975. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWFYWSP5GrU&feature=fvst
  11. Yeah, by the way is he chuckling in the beginning of WLL or was that a cough?
  12. I'm surprised no one picked up on this. What footage were they talking about? I'm sure Jimmy's not gonna just sit around watching audience footage from youtube. Could this mean that the concert is indeed on pro film and does exist?
  13. Some new studio footage from Them Crooked Vultures. Hopefully, signs of a DVD soon.
  14. Yeah just got home too. This band was great and Jones was definitely a stand out for me. The man looks like he's in his 40's on stage, but you get reminded, he's in his 60's! That bit that Josh said about SNL was funny, he talked about how they censored some of the lyrics, and then said "F*@k them" lol. Hands down best concert I've been to. The videos on YouTube or on TV do not give this band justice when it comes to live performances. Every beat and note hit you through your chest, and for a relatively new band, to quote what was said above from me, they are indeed TIGHT! hop everyon
  15. I see where you're coming from. I just totally got turned off by the review, because as a guitar player, the guys statements about Josh Homme's guitar playing is so off, and I bet you he can't even play a guitar to save his life. Then he basically painted Grohl as a Bonham wannabe. He is clueless throughout the whole review and it shows.
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