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  1. Had an e mail from a very special friend, who lives in the USA. I was worried about him, as I have not heard from him in awhile, just glad he is ok, his computer went down, and he could not get a message to me even on facebook, but he is well, and I am glad.
  2. Got up this morning and for once it is not raining, and there are no puddles on the pavement, in the city streets, so the walk to work will not be avoiding them, and my high heels will not get spoilt. Off to Starbucks to meet the girls from the store before another day starts in the store, but the nice thing closer to the weekend. Got a date tonight so that will be fun.
  3. i loved the movie, I adore Sarah Jessica Parker, her clothes are amazing, I have quite a few evening clothes resembling the stuff she wears. Yes can t wait for the next sequel, around August September.
  4. Sex and the City tonight, I missed it all first time round, nice bottle of wine, got a friend coming round for supper, so that should be nice.
  5. just leaving work, and yes it is raining again, someone send me some sunshine, fed up of avoiding puddles in high heels.
  6. girls coming to stay for the weekend, glad my apartment has two bedrooms, and a sofa that folds to a bed, two daughters, and a cousin, in for a fun time in the city.
  7. Thinking not long to the weekend,off till Tuesday. Monday Bank Holiday.
  8. don t worry about having a memory of a twig,many people have and don t realise it.
  9. I do not have the remotest idea if your hot, I have never met you, only you know if your hot, here we would say,
  10. Sunglasses one minute, brolly the next.
  11. reaching targets, booked two weddings, and gave good advice, can go home tonight - knowing I had a good day one hour left.
  12. The Security Guard at our store.
  13. I am not on anyone s side, but I do find it strange to be a man/woman, or am I missing something,how can you be a woman one day and a man another day, I think people would notice it,and run me in if I tried it. lol......
  14. I have a cousin who lives in Sydney, I hope in the next few years to go over there, it is a beautiful country, can t go next year, going to New York, and this year,Malta, in August, but it is on my list to visit Australia.
  15. Telling a married man I would not go out with him, after he asked me.
  16. I was so proud yesterday, although I could not be there when my daughter got on stage and commentated in front of three thousand people for Race for Life Cancer, I was very proud to hear afterwards that she did well, I would of gone but had to work on a special in store event.
  17. going to work, and getting a pay rise. YAY.
  18. A pub lunch with wonderful friends, good company great music, and a great laugh.
  19. Chanella


    jogging, lunch with my man,work tomorrow, so have to make the most of it.
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