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  1. Obama really should've declined it. Imagine if he'd got up there and said "My friends, I do not feel, at this time, when there is so much bloodshed in Afghanistan and Iraq, when so many innocent lives are being killed, that I can accept an honourable and noble award of peace, not until we have achieved an hourable and noble peace! Not until the bloodshed ends and the lives of so many rebuilt can we embrace our rewards of peace" That would been a leadership move we could've all admired. Now that he's taken it, to the Arab world that he's so desperate to placate, he's just going to look like another hypocrite As Tom Lehrer said "Political satire died the day that Kissinger won the Nobel peace Prize"
  2. It's absolute nonsense for a corporation to stipulate that a sexual harrassment case cannot be taken to court and it can only be dealt with by arbitration. No corporation has the right to impose something like that on anyone by subverting the natural right of people to seek justice.
  3. Ah yeah there is a pretty obvious reason which you just talked about in the previous post, deary...
  4. What's with all the moralizing going on about Letterman? Most of you are fans of some rock musicians who were never faithful to their wives, I don't hear anybody kicking up a stink about that... George Harrison was screwing Olivia Trinidad who worked for him at the time while he was still married to Pattie Boyd...He was even doing Ringo's wife, while he was still married to Pattie, so where's all the complaints about him?
  5. But how different is that from Kissinger? The Paris Peace Accord that Kissinger won his for wasn't worth the paper it was written on. It's just the same old story. Is's a honourable gong best given to charities. Obama should've refused it though. But he's a crowd pleaser and he's not good at saying no to people
  6. Come on, Liz, I know you're smarter than that...But maybe you weren't to know I'm not as naive, perhaps. Anyway I'm not in the slandering business, I try to be as non-judgemental as possible, unless they piss me off
  7. Well, you certainly are the one to tell me about treading carefully, as I've noticed how carefully you are treading ,trying to walk your way through a bit of a moral quagmire you're in.
  8. It's always been the way. I mean Kissinger and Le Duc Tho were awarded the prize when both their hands were still deep into the Vietnam War. At least Le Duc Tho refused it
  9. You know I really can't stand hipocrisy, Liz...
  10. How is that any different to minor girls being with famous stars in the 70's? Weren't those girls also relying on those guys to make decisions for them that was not to their detriment? If Samantha Geimer was in a totally vulnerable position at the mercy of Polanski, than how can you not say that about the other girls of her age who found themselves with other famous men? And Geimer was not hired by Vogue, she was approached by Polanski. Vogue had nothing to do with it. So are you suggesting that provided the minor agrees to sex with an adult (which they cannot do under the law) that that is acceptable?
  11. Yeah you missed my point there... As far as the law is concerned, a person under the age of consent cannot consent, they cannot be consensual, so even if the girls of the Rodney's Disco and Continental Riot House didn't object, it is still not consensual, so no different to Polanski
  12. She didn't trust him. She said after the first photo shoot she didn't feel comfortable with him and didn't want to go back for a second one, but she did... then found herself in a situation she didn't know how to get out of. She wasn't at a professional photo shoot either, so I wouldn't classify it as work, Roman asked the mother if he could take photos of her, that immediately sounds dodgy. You know I get sick of this shit of "protect the kids protect the kids, they're so innocent...but we'll stick them in Vogue magazine". Common sense would tell you or tell a parent that being in such an adult environment as posing for Vogue magazine isn't the best situation for an unsupervised innocent child to be in.
  13. Now excuse me...a law's a law in my books. I don't go in for this to break one law is permissible and to break another is a crime. People are baying for Polanski's blood around here on this forum, which suggests to me there's one rule for some and another for someone else. Now some well known people, as you well know, engaged in sex with under-aged girls, that sex may have been consensual as far as the girl was concerned but a minor is unable to enter into any sort of contract, so as far as the law is concerned a minor cannot be consensual
  14. Well you're the first person I've heard talk about the gold for cash scheme, so I'm not aware of it being promoted in my country. Will it increase theft? Well it probably will increase gold theft if the goverment's just going to hand cash out for any gold, like a pawnbroker. But there is speculation that the US Gold reserves are down, and, as you know, countries like to back the strength of their currencies on gold reserves, so if there is low reserves, then there might be a bit of a gold rush on to boost levels. However the IMF is selling 1/8 of its gold reserve, so there's going to be a bit of it about purely from the IMF...
  15. I think we can drop the 'innocent child' routine... She may not have been going to Rodney's Disco, but she was still 13, taking drugs, posing for Vogue magazine (what's a 13 year old doing in an adult magazine like that anyway?) and going off with Roman on her own...how different is that to people like Sable Star?
  16. No offense, Dan, but parts 1 & 3 were fair enough questions, but that part 2 was straight out of La La land... I mean it's like saying "do you like my shoes, and my hat? What about the giant antennae sticking out of my thorax?" But if I was to answer your question, no, I don't think Governments are pooling their gold to give to aliens from outter space to avoid an invasion. I mean we haven't solved the question of whether or not advanced life forms exist yet, it may take some time before we find out if they're into protection racketeering...
  17. lol, you weren't interested in my views on it...
  18. Look, let's be realistic here: Just about anyone who was anyone on the West Coast scene was fucking underaged girls back in the 70's. There were articles in 1973 in major american publications, such as Newsweek talking about places like Rodney Bingenheimer's English Disco that were packed with girls under the age of 16 looking for action, and what intrigues me is back then it wasn't as outrageous or deplorable as what it is now. And a lot of people from the music and entertainment industries, some big names that frequented places like that, weren't buying those girls a glass of milk and sending them home at 10pm... Polanski's misfortune seems to be that he was the only one from that scene who got arrested for it.
  19. You're not going on about that Mayan Prophecy nonsense are you? The suposed cataclysmic event that's supposed to happen when the Mayan Long Count calendar runs out Mayan scholars can't even agree on whether or not the calendar expires in 2012 or if it keeps going for another 6,000 years... And anyway, how come everyone's putting so much validity into a prophecy by the Mayas of the end of our civilisation? They didn't predict the demise of their own...
  20. Lol, I'm sorry, but i have to confess I have no idea what you're going on about I like your sig, btw.
  21. There's really not enough sensitive information on facebook to lead to things such as identity theft or credit/debit card fraud. And with the increases in society of biometric security, identity theft is simply going to become much harder. The collating of our private or personal information is really only going to be used in advertising as a way of tailor-making ad or product campaigns to our perceived habits or interests
  22. But at the end of the day, what are they going to do witht hat information anyway? Use it to send you junk mail. I mean I come on here and post messages and give away my thoughts and feelings and no one gives a shit I could jump around in my undies shouting out my favourite likes and dislikes and no one will give a shit. Information is only worth stealing off people if they're somebody important and powerful. For the rest of us it's just junk mail. The term is called attention-seeking for a reason...celebrities arethe only people who seem to be privacy-seekers.
  23. The most romantic thing I can think of is if the girl I'm madly in love with would just say yes! That would be romance enough.
  24. I would like to try them, but they're illegal here. Only cigarettes and nicotine replacement therapies are the only things with nicotine allowed to be sold, anything else is considered a poison and therefore illegal.
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