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  1. Terry Reid turned down Deep Purple as well, with the gig going to Ian Gillan
  2. We Are The World - Michael Jackson and "friends"
  3. Heaven Is A Place On Earth - Belinda Carlisle
  4. Anyone from the 1930's, like Mae West or Jean Harlow, back in the days when even the whores and tramps were witty. A reporter once asked Jean Harlow is she was wearing a bra and she responded "That's sounds like a near-sighted question..."
  5. It's because of that very movie I have to say Pacino. Al Pacino has never annoyed me, but De Niro annoyed the shit out of me in that movie. Another reason why I vote Pacino is because I saw him once in a movie, one of the first films he made, and I didn't recognise him, because he was young and had a beard, and I was watching the film thinking "gee, this guy is such a great actor, I wonder why he never became famous?" well when I saw the credits, I realised! I think the film was Serpico. Interesting story about Robert De Niro, when he was making that film New York New York with Liza Minelli, John Kander and Fred Ebb wrote a song for the movie, New York New York of course, and they took the song to a production meeting, and De Niro said he didn't like it, he didn't think the song was very good. So Kander & Ebb, at that stage two very successful composers, left the meeting very pissed off. So they went back to work and grudingly had a re-write of the song, which of course became the song we all know, and their biggest hit.
  6. Voice-wise I can't tell the difference anymore between Bob Dylan and Marianne Faithfull Regina Spektor's singing really shits me off, I can't bear to listen to her crap. All new singers today just can't sing the fucking song, they have to ooze it and simper it and all this other crap. I blame American Idol/Mariah Carey/Christina Aguilera
  7. Someone asked Ethel Merman if she was nervous playing the lead in Gypsy on Broadway and she replied "Nervous? Why would I be nervous? If anybody could play the role better than me, then they would be playing it"
  8. Yeah actually, Pete Townshend was on that album. John Lennon Plastic Ono Band is bloody good album.
  9. Well there's a team player for you...
  10. I have to agree with Gelnda Jackson though, about acting she said: You'd think it's something one would grow out of. But you grow into it. The more you do, the more you realize how painfully easy it is to be lousy and how very difficult to be good. She also said about her Oscars: My mother polishes them to within an inch of their lives until the metal shows. That sums up the Academy Awards - all glitter on the outside and base metal coming through. Nice presents for a day. But they don't make you any better.
  11. Yeah you didn't really pick up on that, did you? Anyway, Press To Play was one of the first albums, if not the first, album I ever bought. I think I was 10 or 11, anyway I listened to it again last night and it's not as bad as what I thought it was
  12. I work in theatre as a musical director and sometimes composer. It's definately one hell of an industry to be involved in...
  13. Oh definately, because 'Press To Play' beats 'Sgt Pepper' easily as an album And most critics agree that 'Give My Regards To Broad Street' was artistically and cinematographically a far superior film to 'A Hard Day's Night'.
  14. You know talking about books or writing, well, lets say writing, that way I can segue into my story: A friend of mine who edits a publication for an organisation asked me to write a piece for the christmas edition, and I did, and the organisation wouldn't publish it because they thought I'd stolen it from somewhere else they refused to believe I wrote it. Which really only left me with two options: either what I wrote was so brilliant (which it wasn't) that they couldn't believe I wrote it, or they think I'm a bit of a dumb shit who is not in the posession of the literary mental capabilities to write such a piece. I don't know whether to be flattered or hurt.
  15. Well you see to me Lord Of The Rings is a morality tale, and they don't really interest me , I mean it all comes down to what you're reading it for, and, like Buz Lurhman films, LOTR just doesn't do it for me. I did see the films, and they tried to cram so much into them that it looked like a 3 hour Chivas Regal commercial to me. The only things I enjoyed about the films were how good Ian McKellen was (he was the only person who could deliver all that clunky shakespearean-esque dialogue and not look absolutely amateur) and David Wenham who is a truly great but not fully recognized Australian actor.
  16. well to me, and this may be just a personal thing, but I can't stomach Tolkein because he wants to tell me who's good and evil, and he casts his characters in such an absolute dichotomy so as to prevent you from seeing them in any other light other than how he wants you to see them. And even though his creations are so finely detailed and exact, I find underneath it such a naive view of his characters emotions and morality that deeply disappoints me. It's all just pure fantasy, there's nothing revelatory in it for me whatsoever. I mean the parallels he could've drawn between his characters and humanity, and the examinations possible by juxtaposing the two, it could've been brilliant, but there's just so much a sense of "the cute ones are good, the ugly ones are bad"
  17. I found the Lord of the Ring trilogy very narrow minded
  18. Hery IV's not a book, deary, it's a play I don't know if these are books you should read before you die but they're good books: Turn Of The Screw - Henry James Death In Venice - Thomas Mann Pride And Prejudice - Jane Austen (read it just for the language) Lord Jim - Joseph Conrad To The Lighthouse - Virginia Woolf.
  19. I was watching an episode of The Nanny, and it was the episode that Lamp Chop was in. Fran and Val went up to the bedroom where Lamp Chop was sleeping and Val said "ssshh, don't wake her up" and Fran said "Val, Led Zeppelin couldn't even wake her up..."
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