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  1. I've been out of touch for awhile .... is there a thread already? Anyone still believe? http://www.uncut.co.uk/led-zeppelins-jimmy-page-plans-2013-solo-tour-news
  2. Hi, Buck'eye' Doc. You haven't offended me. As I said on this site before, I think it's positive to share different viewpoints. As long as everyone is respectful and courteous, I appreciate hearing other's opinions, and your posting is certainly interesting. I guess the problem for me is that everyone should be entitled to their privacy, so I won't go on about where Jimmy was or wasn't, but in terms of the video on Youtube, I believe the timing is before the inductions in Cleveland. I'm thinking he was probably at the Cleveland Museum on the morning of the award show. That's my guess. As fo
  3. I am resisting getting in on this bash fest of Mr. Halfin but at last, I can't help myself. I thought he was quite something else last year after the Induction Awards in Cleveland. You should go to his diary, if you can access that time. He went on about fighting with other photographers at the ceremony, like he's the only one entitled to take a picture. Honestly, I really think the guy has issues. One funny thing, he said that immediately after the ceremony he and Jimmy flew to NY on a private plane. But when I went to the Museum the following day of the award ceremony, the guy working at the
  4. I saw Jeff Beck for the first time with Jimmy at Jeff's Induction in Cleveland. I was so thrilled to finally see the both of them. Jeff was certainly impressive. Like I said in a previous thread, he plays so 'effortlessly' and seems to really enjoy playing. Then again, we saw him with Eric Clapton in February, Again, Jeff was tremendous. Out of the two, I really enjoyed his performance and wished he'd have played all evening. Don't know why Jimmy is shying away. To say he's retired makes no sense. At least, I don't believe he's lost his interest in performing. Clearly age should not be the iss
  5. Timing is everything ... really want a copy of this book now. To those more fortunate, enjoy!
  6. They could have removed the number from the series. I think he likes the number or the chatter it creates.
  7. I don't think anything 'Michael Jackson' is bad ... probably not the most popular comment to make on this site, but I'm honest about my feelings. However, given the many projects I'd love to see Jimmy take part in, not the least of which is to see him tour as the main billing, and seeing as Eddie van Halen has already put his mark on Beat It, I'm hoping Jimmy will decide to tour soon - he has a legacy of his own work to share, no need to look elsewhere. Speaking of EVH, I'm sure you've all seen this, but it still cracks me up everytime.
  8. Always good to see Jimmy out and about enjoying himself. Fun also to read other fans' comments - no shortage of admiration for our Jimmy! Thanks for posting, Steve.
  9. Hi, Moonmaid. Hope you don't mind me 'calling' you, noticed you're never online anymore. Tell me you're still a bit fan of 'silverfox'. Anyway, miss your insights. Hope you're doing well.

  10. I was a little skeptical when I heard this was being covered by MJB but then I'd feel the same way if any artist was covering this classic. Still, I think it's a good cover, I enjoyed it. I take no offense to the fact that she or any artist would do a LZ song. That just speaks to the quality of the original music. Personally, I hate rap versions of rock (and even pop) music, especially from the 70s - like some of us know what the original sounded like - they can really destroy a good song. But, back to MJB - some parts of it I didn't like, like the end when she keeps repeating STH and instrume
  11. I saw that a few times last year. I think they have been re-running it for awhile. I can't recall all of it now but I remember enjoying the part where one of the Heart sisters says 'they were gods, they knew it.' Towards the end, Benji LeFevre talks about how they were just 'boys having fun.' Well, two different viewpoints, but I suppose there was probably truth in both. They're still gods, in my mind.
  12. That is just too good ... I love that one.
  13. I really don't think this is Jeff Beck. But, he kind of looks the guy in the fourth photo in the link below. I think the question has been asked before: Who is the guy with Jimmy? And I have to say, I too have always found this photo of Jimmy so extremely thin sad.
  14. This is one of the reasons I love this forum. Everyone brings a different viewpoint and I can't say I disagree with the idea of just enjoying the talent. Fair enough. What I can't get over is how quickly these guys change up their plans. First Robert was going to be touring with Alison this summer, now it's another band and a new CD. What I really want to know is what happened to Jimmy's plans to tour this year? If he was planning to do the performance in Beijing in April, which supposedly has now been moved to October, then when was he planning to go out on tour? I know, this comment is in
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