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  1. Hi, Moonmaid. Hope you don't mind me 'calling' you, noticed you're never online anymore. Tell me you're still a bit fan of 'silverfox'. Anyway, miss your insights. Hope you're doing well.

  2. Yes, and Jimmy looks scrumptious, in a most wonderful way ...
  3. Actually I really enjoy the film, there's a lot of great moments, Since I've Been Loving You - so beautiful. I also love the improv between John Bonham and John Paul Jones at the beginning of If You're Going to San Francisco, and Jimmy's playing. And, ok, I guess the scene with Robert Plant isn't so bad, just why couldn't they show the Rain Song and the scene both? Sigh ...
  4. I said this somewhere before, sorry, but the scene with Robert Plant is really dumb. But, I could fast forward, that's not the problem. What is so sad is that it replaces footage from the Rain Song. But, oh, those few magical moments (seconds) at the end with Jimmy playing ... I heard footage was lost and so replaced with the fantasy scenes. Anyone know if that's true?
  5. OMG .... what can it be about this picture that's making me delirious? I can't imagine .... ooohhh, thank u for posting. I should have some pretty sweet dreams tonight. (Very sorry about your sister, though ... I truly hope she's going to be okay).
  6. Broromances .... aaaahh, that's so cool, you rock, Zeppland.
  7. It's many a time that I've visited this site and thought 'why comment on the obvious?' But, my goodness, this man's beauty never diminishes ... he's breathtaking ..... good work, Moonmaid.
  8. The look on Jeff's face with his arm around Jimmy ... how can you not love it?
  9. Thanks, Moonmaid. Nice pics, although I didn't really care for what he wrote. Personally, I don't think Jimmy views his fans the same way, at least it's not the impression I get. What a drag reading that ...
  10. We're too are travelling on Saturday afternoon and leaving on Sunday afternoon. Has a place been set where we can convene? Would be so great to see everyone. Has the countdown begun? 5 more days! Did someone say the ceremony is gonna go from 8 to 1... whew, better start getting some sleep!
  11. At first I thought, ok, if Jimmy plays, I'll go. But, now, who cares? He's gonna be there and that's good enough for me. Anything else is just icing on the cake. So excited! I actually called the RRHOF just to confirm for real and sure enough, yes, he is confirmed to present. The guy said Jimmy's been there before and he's really a nice guy ... I'm sure he is!
  12. Thanks for the info, Zeppland. Do you think there is a chance that Jimmy is going to perform? I think some are hesitating to go because it's a bit of a hike (not to mention the cost) and if Jimmy's there's for all of two minutes, well you know where this is going. What's your take on it? I know, it's too good to be true. Jimmy is going to be in Cleveland on April 4th - how cool is that?
  13. Is this for real. Someone pinch me ... ok, I am so there!! I've seen all kinds of tickets posted for this event ... yes, you can do it! We're going to be at the Marriott ... does anyone know how close that is to the venue? Walking distance I think. So little time, so much to do .... hope to meet you all there!!!!
  14. Well, time to decide is soon. Sounds like it could be a very fun time. OK, you're convincing me, Zeppland!
  15. Well, thank you all for the encouragement to attend. Good news is that the boss won't be coming to town so weekend can be free. Now if the Rock'n Roll Hall of Fame would only confirm the list, that would be the go to find me some airline tickets. But, what's taking them so long to confirm? I called them this week and they said they should finalize soon. Seriously, if you're out there Jimmy, Jeff Beck, Yardbirds ... what's to think about?
  16. You know I really like the idea of Steve Winwood. I didn't know much about him back in the 80s, just figured he was 'new music' kind of guy. But realizing that he was part of the same era as Jimmy, I think that would be so cool. I totally hate the idea of trying to replace Robert Plant by 'recreating' him with someone that looks or sounds like him. Yeah, I like that a lot!
  17. Has anyone heard any more about JP at the Induction? Was it just a rumour? I have tickets but I don't know that I want to go unless Jimmy is there in the flesh. Stop now ...
  18. It's always about age. Unfortunately for Howard Stern, he's never looked good.
  19. I saw Robert Plant with, who else? in June, Radiohead in August, man was that show packed! Some Zep fans there too (saw a couple of shirts) .. and in March, it's off to Fleetwood Mac. I hope they play in the spirit of the 70s, you know, not some uptempo version, but good old rock style.
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