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  1. I don't see it that way. MaCain isn't the maverick he used to be. Now (IMHO) he's just an older, dottering, more extreme version of Bush.
  2. I suppose that just depends on whether you think the candidate will do the right thing (i.e. what you believe is correct) or not. In essence I think we've had eight years of almost constant criminal activity in the Executive branch now. The Constitution is systematically being trashed. If you think that moving in a new direction is a good thing then you would want a president who is empowered. If you think that change is a bad thing then you would want a president who is hamstrung by the Congress. Personally I am just sick of the same old politics. I'm seriously ready for a change. IMHO we need to restore the Constitution, pay down the national debt, promote education, fix the infrastructure, get us out of Iraq and spend the money on something useful, do something about greenhouse gasses and the energy crisis. I don't know that Obama is going to do all that but I damn well know that McCain won't.
  3. That's what politicians and just about anyone else involved in politics does. However the distinction is that Obama provides citations for their assertions where Cosi made up a lot of material out of whole cloth.
  4. It is really an unsupported assertion that Obama will let the Congress walk all over him. Bush didn't do so when there was a veto proof Republican majority. In fact, if memory serves, the Republican Congress rubber stamped just about every Bush proposal.
  5. Obama's response to this and other smears are at Fight The Smears. Specifically his response to this book is at Unfit for Publication.
  6. I visited with my sales guy yesterday and looked at the accommodations on his wall for his time working on the space shuttle. One photo was of a mounting point where the shuttle attaches to a 747 for transport. I was able to find another photo on-line, with a note to remind technicians how to properly mount the shuttle to a 747. Here it is.....
  7. Hope I didn't put you off with the blood - I accidently whacked myself in the head when the handle came out of a wench the first time we tried to hoist the mainsail. It was more drama than real damage. Glad you liked my other photos.
  8. Umm... you mean like the last eight years of those good Republican/Bush checks and balances?
  9. What amazes me is that Americans are so willing to be hoodwinked by politicians and vote against their own best interests.
  10. I'm somewhere in my mid 50s these days - so much for dying young and leaving a good looking corpse. I'm an agnostic, tried religion for a while. Became a Wiccan high priest. Decided that it didn't fit. I like drag racing and have been messing with hot motorcycles for about 35 years. My current rides are a Kawasaki ZX-14 and a turbocharged 1400cc Suzuki Hayabusa. I'm on my third career. I spent 12 years as an automotive machinst & engine builder. Another 20 as a software engineer. Now I own a company that does spray polyurea coatings work. ( http://www.durablecoatingsystems.com ). Now and then I mess around with cameras both below and above the water line. Some of my underwater photos are at http://homepage.mac.com/emarsh/PhotoAlbum6.html. I've posted some pics from a recent sailing trip at http://gallery.me.com/emarsh#100179. I've got some pretty extensive musical tastes. My current new hot group is Pink Martini. ( http://www.pinkmartini.com/ ) Used to drink and party a lot. Went to AA and got clean over 25 years ago. I'm a member of the Dale Volunteer Fire Department. I own a 100 acre ranch with a lake in Central Texas (http://www.tikiacres.com) I'm very interested in science, especially astronomy. There's lots of cool stuff being learned about the universe almost daily. I've got an 1988 Fiero that I bought new. I made it into a project car and assembled and installed a 450hp 406" small block Chevy motor in it. I love most all things Italian, especially their cars and their opera. I'm a former board member of the Polyurea Development Association ( http://www.pda-online.org ) I keep an AK-47 on leaning on the wall next to the door to chase away coyotes and other irritants. I started the Lake Travis Underwater Cleanup when I saw a bunch of beer cans on the bottom that were tossed out by boaters and decided that's just not right. ( http://www.keepaustinbeautiful.org/underwater ) I that wish I could compose music but just don't have that talent. I've got eight or nine cats and a dog named Bodhi.
  11. Head's fine - thanks for asking. Just a little souvenir.
  12. Here's a couple pictures of my on the first day of my recent sailing trip. Don't they call rock fans head bangers? Well, maybe not..... There's about another 175 pics from that trip here.
  13. Where to start? - here's a few in no particular order Pavan op. 50 - Faure Most everything from the Children's Corner - Debussy Bolero - Ravel Gymnopedies - Satie Flower Duet from Lakme - Delibes Valse Trist - Sibelious Overture to Tristan ad Isolde - Wagner Lullaby - Gershwin Serenade for Strings (I think this one is also called the Serenade in C) - Tchaikovsky The Swan - Saint -Saens Pavane for a Dead Princess - Ravel That and pretty much all the operas of Puccini
  14. I think the cop thought he was just joking. Of course he wasn't.
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