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  1. Kara Sevda (Rock'N'Roll Song) From 1991 Japan Concert 2023 (Progressive Song) Barış Manço (also spelt Baris Mancho in some European album releases) (January 2, 1943 - February 1, 1999) was a Turkish rock singer, composer, television producer and celebrity. He composed about 200 songs, some of which were translated into a variety of languages including English, Japanese, Greek, Bulgarian, Romanian, Persian and Arabic. He remains one of the most popular public figures of Turkey. Early life and career Manço was born in Istanbul, Turkey on January 2, 1943. His mother Rikkat
  2. Akrebin Gözleri (Scorpion's Eyes) A Hard Rock Song and Cool Performance
  3. Wonderful Performance!!: Ilahi Morluk - Copculer
  4. Very Good Performance, Saskin (A prograssive song)
  5. My list changed: Jimi Hendrix Jimmy Page Keith Richards David Gilmour Eric Clapton Angus Young Pete Townshend Jeff Beck Slash John Perry Chuck Berry Brain May Cahit Berkay Brian Jones John Squire
  6. Sorry, became four. And Honor List: Let It Be - Beatles Queen - Sheer Hearts Attack Thick As A Brick - Jethro Tull High Voltage - AC/DC Highway To Hell - AC/DC
  7. Good song. I like it. But i don't like vocal.
  8. People Are Strange - The Doors
  9. Bonham, JPJ, Page and Plant are Led Zeppelin. But only Bonham, JPJ and Page aren't Led Zeppelin. No Plant: No Led Zeppelin!!!
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