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  1. What exactly does this have to do with their guitar playing? If that's part of your criteria it's no wonder you are lost.... Page doesn't sing at all, shouldn't that hurt his ranking as a guitarist in your twisted mind? This has become the most retarded thread ever... (well almost...)
  2. Excellent post Machine Gun is just a display of the endless possibilities of the guitar. The thing is that Jimi was the only one who could conceive it, and then pull it off. Hearing Hendrix is just the tip of the iceberg seeing the ease and flair in which he does it brings it to a whole new level. Stevie Ray is another example of a guy who was one with the guitar, like it was part of his body. Hendrix gets hurt in these discussions because 3/4 of his music has never been played on the radio, whereas virtually everyone is familiar with the entire Zeppelin catalog. We have all heard Purple Haze etc... But how many times has Third Stone From The Sun or Wait Till Tomorrow been played on the radio? It's the lesser known material that really sets Jimi apart from the rest IMO. Anyone who isn't convinced at how brilliant this guy was needs to put on a pair of headphones and just listen to everything that's going on. His rhythm playing in Gypsy Eyes or the textures of Bold As Love stand up to anything ever done on guitar, but unless you REALLY listen to what he's doing your going to miss the boat entirely.
  3. I'm not arguing either as it would be absurd to diminish the talent of any musician who has made it like the ones being mentioned. Page is obviously a phenomenal guitar player and composer. I had a guitar teacher tell me once that Page is the most "clever" guitarist ever. He was referring to his ability to come up with the most catchy riffs that made you wonder why nobody else came up with it first. I always thought that to be the most apt description of Jimmy I'd ever heard. I think the thing with Hendrix was that he was doing things live and in studio that nobody had even thought of before. The guy was absolutely fearless onstage and light years ahead of his time. It's a damn shame that we weren't able to see him in a live environment that wasn't plagued with technical issues and limitations of the day. Just in terms of technology alone, can you imagine what that guy could do with today's equipment? Not to mention having a team of guitar techs to replace a string or hand him a new one between songs.
  4. I agree to some extent, but I think their opinion on the matter carries a bit more weight than yours or mine. Those guys were his peers, in the business at the same time trying to make a buck in the same market. When Hendrix was playing they were all showing up to watch. He just blew their minds and I heard each one of them say that consistently. I saw an interview with Townshend where he said he blew off a Who gig just to go see Hendrix play. If that isn't convincing enough I don't know what is. That would be the equivalent of the CEO of Ford buying a Chevy. Like you said, everyone is entitled to their own opinion as it's all subjective. But when virtually every guitarist of the era is giving the same answer I have to pay attention. Just like if I needed financial advice I'd listen to what Warren Buffet had to say over someone on a forum.
  5. Please read the answer closer, and it had nothing to do with being humble. Page: Well, let's see, we've lost the best guitarist any of us ever had and that was Hendrix. "Any of us" means exactly that, it has nothing to do with nationality. Page answered the question honestly, and I would bet anything he would give the same answer today. Since Hendrix became famous in the UK first, he was considered one of their own anyway. There was no doubt who was the best in the minds of every guitar player of that era, and I'm positive if you asked Beck, Clapton, Gilmour, Townshend, or anyone else you can think of who saw him live you would get the same answer. Not a single one of them would say Jimmy Page.
  6. 1975 interview reprinted in the current Rolling Stone. Cameron Crowe: Do you have any favorite American guitarists? Page: Well, let's see, we've lost the best guitarist any of us ever had and that was Hendrix. Nuff said....
  7. It's crazy bro, one guy and it sounds like three or four are playing at the same time. Obviously it's all a matter of taste, but this guy could share the stage with anybody.
  8. Just to show how subjective these "best guitarist" discussions can be. There are tons of mind blowing guitar players out there that many of you have probably never even heard of. Talent? Innovation? Technical skills? Here is a dose of reality. Stanley Jordan Don't forget to pick your jaw up off the floor.
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