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  1. Youtube is full of guitar players who can nail the Stairway solo, which leads me to believe that Jimmy Page should be able to.
  2. Thanks, I made it. It is part of the artwork I'm doing for a cd of the show.
  3. A few things I noticed while prepping to record this show. Whenever I opened another page or navigated the internet I would get a hiccup in the stream. While I was recording I left everything alone and had no issues at all with the stream or recording. Also, from prior experience recording internet streams I would get consistent dropoffs in the recording which I finally determined to be caused by the buffer settings I was using. I practically pulled my hair out and damaged a bunch of recordings before figuring it out.
  4. Due to a brief power failure here in Florida I was only able to record 2/3 of this broadcast. Initially I was pissed off, but I soon realized this was probably just an airing of slowburn's recording. I hoped it would end up being a from different source but it doesn't appear to be the case. Kudos to him for being able to pull it off and get it out so quickly. However.... This cannot possibly be the best recording to come out of the O2. Someone out there has been sitting on what will be considered the definitive recording of this concert, and I am very much looking forward to it turning up.
  5. Perhaps you can contact him via Foreigner's management. I'm sure you could get a message to him that way even if you were to send it by standard mail. Good luck!
  6. Exactly. I remember discussing this on the old forum well in advance of the pinky incident.
  7. Yes I think so. I am very active in the Floyd community and have never come across an anti Zeppelin sentiment from Floyd fans. In fact I find the exact opposite to be true. I have no idea where you came up with that idea, but I think you are way off.
  8. Floyd and Zeppelin are really in a similar predicament where 3/4 of the band seem open to a tour, and the lone holdout has enough clout to prevent it from happening. I think Zeppelin is more likely to do more shows simply because they didn't have the catastrophic meltdown between members like Floyd did. Animosity doesn't appear to be a factor in the case of Led Zeppelin for now at least. That may eventually develop if the rest of them REALLY want this to happen and one doesn't. I still believe we haven't seen the last of them yet.
  9. Thanks, yeah it's part of a cd cover I'm working on but it's not finished yet.
  10. I agree that Jason is taking some time to regroup. It wouldn't make sense for him to drop the Foreigner gig (yet) with Plant hitting the road with Alison Krauss. I thought I read somewhere that Foreigner is booked through May 08.
  11. I'd take an officially released soundboard mp3 over the flac version that's making the rounds in a heartbeat.
  12. There is only one voice that would be acceptable and it belongs to Robert Plant.
  13. The version from TSRTS is still the benchmark IMO. I've always considered that one of the best live solos ever recorded. I'd like to hear a better copy from Monday though...
  14. Paul McCartney smoking a doob???? I've never heard of such a thing....
  15. Cornell has an incredible voice, or should I say "Had" and incredible voice. I'm afraid all the screaming he did in the early days took it's toll. I was lucky enough to see some Soundgarden shows where Cornell literally blew the roof off of the building. He was that good and had incredible range. Seeing him live is very much a hit or miss situation these days, but overall I think he is one of the best vocalists of all time, and the most underrated songwriters in the business.
  16. It's embarrassing that they made reference to the few idiots who are comparing Alison Krauss with Yoko Ono. I don't think that is a fair representation of the community, but of a handful of infants stomping their feet.
  17. Rumor has it (if anything in this thread is to be believed) that Alison is sucking Robert's c*** and Jimmy isn't. Apparently the point of no return for Plant was at Knebworth... This thread has officially jumped the shark....
  18. I don't think I said anywhere in my post that "They Owe Us A Tour". My point is that I wouldn't think of it as a cash grab if they decided to tour one last time. Big difference between Zep and the Stones.
  19. IMO, he was avoiding the pinky as much as possible throughout the show. Quite remarkable really when you consider how well he played overall.
  20. The Stones have become a joke only because they tour every year. If it had been nearly 30 years since they toured nobody would be laughing at the Stones. I know what you're saying but I don't think anyone here is suggesting that Zeppelin make this an annual event. One final tour wouldn't raise any eyebrows, tarnish the legacy, or make Zeppelin comparable to the farce that Jagger and Co have become.
  21. Those photos with his shirt untucked are from the "secret rehearsals" not the actual show. Look at the background, he is in a soundstage not the O2.
  22. No. It is still in the planning stage, and with all the red tape about who is paying for what it could take years before anything really happens. Plans for new MSG-Penn Station
  23. I don't know if you are friends, but these are Warby's photos! He posted them here yesterday.
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