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  1. I agree, the setlist was perfect for the occasion. I'm sure we all have favorites that we wish they had played, (Ten Years Gone) but given the time restraints, we really couldn't have asked for a better variety.
  2. Jesus.... After such a monumental occasion I can't imagine myself complaining about anything. I have seen and heard several audio/video clips of the show, and TSRTS sounded a touch bottom heavy which could be due to a dozen variables. But other than that it appeared to be a brilliant performance. It's a shame that audiophiles focus on the most silly details that they lose sight of the big picture. When you consider that there could have been 1000 ways that this gig could have crashed and burned and didn't, it seems so insignificant to gripe about anything the morning after. Today is a
  3. Fecking incredible. Thanks to those who uploaded audio/video, this is priceless.
  4. Heheh, not exactly what I had in mind but I suppose it will do.
  5. C'mon man, don't you think if it were going to be broadcast IN ANY FORM the link would be at the top of the forum today? For the 1000th time. No, it's not going to be streamed or broadcast anywhere.....
  6. Well for those of us who can't make it to the show that may offer some much needed comfort. Feel free to flash us at any time.
  7. No, I'm not going unfortunately. But I'm confident there will be audio and video out there by tomorrow, and I suppose that will have to do. (for now)
  8. No..... Before you ask, it won't be on the internet either.
  9. Did it ever cross your mind to look around and see if this had been discussed already? Or did you just register and immediately start a new thread?
  10. I have a better chance of seeing them in my living room...
  11. Yet another stellar and informative first post.... Certainly thread worthy.
  12. Page looks fantastic, better than he has looked in years. This thread is absurd.
  13. I actually have that on vinyl and haven't been able to listen to it for years. Destroyer as well.
  14. You bought someone's extra off of eBay didn't you? If so, I'd be more worried about them showing up to get you in...
  15. I have loved that song for over 30 years but would never admit it publicly. Now I can. Thanks Jason And thanks for posting the article Minx.
  16. Led Zeppelin's time has come again Not a bad read, although some of it is rehash.
  17. Is this really worthy of it's own thread? Couldn't this comment have been slipped into any one of a dozen other threads without cluttering the forum index? How about raising the bar a little around here instead of forcing everyone to wade through pointless topics like this? Do we really need 20 threads about "Is it going to be on TV????" Or "Do I need to wear a jacket???". How many of these idiotic threads have been someone's first post? Most of them unfortunately.... That's why I suggested a time limit before someone can start a thread. If someone was forced to read through the forum f
  18. I agree. It's totally rude for a complete stranger to tell Page to dye his hair because they don't like it. What would your response be if someone just walked up to you on the street and told you to dye your hair, or get a new wardrobe just because they didn't like it? Probably F**K Off! How rude...
  19. Who are you? Will it make YOU feel younger if Jimmy dyes his hair? Please Mods, set a minimum post count or a time limit before someone can start a thread.
  20. I'm somewhat amused by the fact that you went though all the trouble of defining the usage of the word AND, while completely ignoring the spell checker on the rest of that rant. EDIT: I don't think Ev's response to you had anything to do with you being a newbie. I think it has more to do with the fact that the "They Owe Us" argument has been beaten to death on these boards over the years.
  21. As far as I can tell there have been no Plant/Krauss tour dates announced or tickets sold. It could still be delayed if need be and probably increase the $helf life of Raising Sand. If Robert agreed to do a few more Zeppelin shows, it would only add to the hype of a tour with Allison later on. I don't see her as one to stand in the way especially if it may benefit the album/tour in the end. Obviously everything we talk about here is pure speculation, but if they blow the roof off of the O2 the way we hope and expect them to.... It will be hard to put the genie back into the bottle. On the o
  22. There will end up being 2 DVD's IMO. One for the Ahmet Fund which is basically a highlight reel of the entire show with an incomplete Zep set . And if all goes well eventually the full set will be released separately by the band, probably with a bunch of behind the scene extras.
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