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  1. 2 days later..... still amazed by the show on Wednesday night. Ticket prices were high but , with me being a Zep-Head and always looking for a band to play loud , accurate chest pounding Led Zeppelin , I would have paid twice the $400 I did pay. Jason & his mates came through with a 13 out of 10 on the scale for me. I am one of those few people ( these days ) who can whistle with my fingers very , very loud! The people in and around me always look back and cover there ears ...lol. At the end of each song I was rockin the whistle and getting looks from the band members as my wife &
  2. Loved your review of the JBLZE!! Going 11/13 in Jacksonville with some friends from the forum and I can't wait!!

  3. It is the morning after for my wife and I , hearing has finally returned ........we had front row center seats for Jason's Led Zeppelin Experience Show last night in Hamilton Ontario. I have to say people , having never actually seen Led Zeppelin live ( had tix to the Rochester NY show that was cancelled ) this show was as close as one could get to the real deal. Loud , tight , note for note and very emotional are a few words to describe what we witnessed last night. This assembly of musicians Jason put together were spot on and playing with heart and soul. The entire audience was blown away b
  4. I , for one , can't stand Steven Tyler .... Don't get me wrong , Aerosmith has a niche but , I am not part of the fold. After all these years of me telling people how I feel about Tyler I couldn't deal with him standing between JP & JPJ.... anyone but him....PLEASE end rant Led Zeppelin Forever !!!!
  5. Les Zeppelin Jimmy & Friends Next Page 3 J's & a Singer ok , I'll stop....LOL " just give me the good things "
  6. The most important thing here is ..... Always be yourself ! No-one can say that you are doing it wrong !! Led Zeppelin Forever !
  7. Great stories !!! I'll be concise with mine... It was my Gramma's doing. For my 6th birthday ( 1969 ) my mother bought a cheap turntable that plays 45's & 33's ( center ring was affixed and would depress & slow rpm when a 33 was placed on it ). Gramma bought me Led Zeppelin II ( God Bless Her Soul )... Even as a youngen I couldn't believe my ears !!! I would listen and try to imagine what these guys looked like while playing the songs over & over . Fast forward 2008 I am now 45 , hold a Director's position in my career , happily married 25 yrs, 2 great sons ( one wh
  8. I would have paid LARGE MONEY just to see the remaining lads stand up there and tell jokes , nevermind !!!!!! They ROCKED and with a load of pressure on their ability , no less.... so to you mister writer , take a flying leap fuck @ a rolling doughnut .... ps. I used to be " Ozone " but sumthin happened?.......
  9. It is official !! Life is GOOD !!! Tears of happiness & pride !!! Bang on Lads , Bang ON !!!~!!!
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