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  1. 2 days later..... still amazed by the show on Wednesday night. Ticket prices were high but , with me being a Zep-Head and always looking for a band to play loud , accurate chest pounding Led Zeppelin , I would have paid twice the $400 I did pay. Jason & his mates came through with a 13 out of 10 on the scale for me. I am one of those few people ( these days ) who can whistle with my fingers very , very loud! The people in and around me always look back and cover there ears ...lol. At the end of each song I was rockin the whistle and getting looks from the band members as my wife & I were in the front row just to the right. After the last tune of the 2nd set , a mind blowing " Kashmir " , the boys took a bow and left the stage. The crowd began the encore noise accompanied by foot pounding , it was awesome ! Then there was a lull , as several minutes had passed and nobody appeared on stage , so I wet my whistle and let er rip , the crowd picked up on it and became even louder than before , and voila!... out came the band ! Jason says , thank you so much and we are going to finish with some love , a Whole Lotta Love ...to be excact ! The moment for me was after the song , they all came to the stage front , arms on each others shoulders and took a bow , as they stood up I let out my loudest whistle , Jason looked directly at me and did his fist to heart love gesture. Life is good ! Remember people ....every day is celebration day ! regards Alfred
  2. It is the morning after for my wife and I , hearing has finally returned ........we had front row center seats for Jason's Led Zeppelin Experience Show last night in Hamilton Ontario. I have to say people , having never actually seen Led Zeppelin live ( had tix to the Rochester NY show that was cancelled ) this show was as close as one could get to the real deal. Loud , tight , note for note and very emotional are a few words to describe what we witnessed last night. This assembly of musicians Jason put together were spot on and playing with heart and soul. The entire audience was blown away by the accuracy of the songs played. We were also treated to several home videos that Jason's mother provided when he was young and hamming it up for mom & dad, very , very cool ! If any of you get the opportunity to see the show , do so , trust me. The lead guitarist Tony was so good it was eerie , he played " since I've been loving you " flawlessly ! Before the show , I told my wife they most likely wouldn't perform that song due to it's intricacy. Then we were blown away by a suprising performance of " The Rover " a song I have never seen ( on video ) Led Zeppelin play live. I will add more info later as I am off to work , my entire being is still vibrating from last nights show ! To the mods , if this is the wrong thread for this topic , my apologies , please locate it as you will..... Long Live Led Zeppelin !!!!! cheers alfred
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