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  1. My very first instrument was the trumpet aged 11 - got on really well until after about 18 months my teacher gave up teaching due to a rather nasty accident involving a lawnmower and his right hand fingers !!! New teacher was crap so I gave up the trumpet. Then aged 16 I bought a crappy spanish guitar and started teaching myself (using music theory I'd learn't before), got on really well with this and then bought a white Les Paul copy (made by Antoria) to which I fitted some Dimazios - this was great and I stayed with this until was 19 when I could afford (after saving all summer) to buy a second hand Gibson Les Paul, which I was told was a 64 Burst (latter found out that this was bollocks as they didn't make Burst from 61 - 68)!!! On relfection it was proabbly a mid 70's (certainly weighed a ton) and had a flatish top. I then packed up playing altogether in 84 and only sarted again a 18 months ago; I was amazed at how after a little time my fingers still new what to do!!!! I now have a chambered 2007 R8 (1958 re-issue Les Paul) - best guitar I've ever played , a Crafter acoustic and a sky blue Telecaster.
  2. Meg you are quite right and if you go and see BJS play (tends to be Jazzy Blues) in the South of England you just might bump into Jimmy - I did sometime ago - and Eric Clapton once.
  3. This guy is still alive - A further clue - Who did Jimmy play with/opposite in the early 60's when he was doing session work?
  4. What does Jimmy think about Jazz and who does he admire?? If you think long and hard about this and you live in the UK you will know where to meet him,
  5. Difficult to really nail this but it certainly looks like a 59 LP and the tuners are grovers (which I think he has fitted to No1).
  6. Mmmmmm.... no navigation to find my way home. etc etc Great song. but it's nowt on Since I've been lovin you. SS
  7. It's late here. I should be in bed but all these comments make me giggle!!!! Keep em clean(ish) but keep em commin. SS
  8. Fair comment; I wondered that. Perhaps it straps him down and stops him doing what we'd all want to to LL!!! SS
  9. Ev, Just joined this forum - that's one hell of a collection!!! My avatar is a chambered R8, I've also got a 2004 Standard LP, a gash strat (that looks like Blackie and fitted with texas hot pups), a light blue tele that's from somewhere in the early 70's. Amps - a 1969 AC30(a babe) and a 20w marshall (different to the vox but equally awesome). Effects loads but my fav (and only thing I use nowadys in gigs is a vox wah). Must take a photo of them all. SS
  10. Not sure if you've got the MM yet. But if not have a think about Epiphone Guitars they're pretty good value for money. However, the bottom line is right guitar for you is the one that feels right and sounds right and don't rush this or go on looks - I've been playing for 25 yrs and recently spent 4 hours in a shop choosing between 2 guitars. Hope this helps.SS
  11. Miss HD, I'm not a drummer but I'll have to get a copy of this comic - anybody would think you have a thing about JB Jnr!
  12. OK so Jimmy wasn't live (it was the solo that really showed that - his left hand was nowhere near where it should have been) but isn't it great that out of all the possible people that could have been asked to perform in Beijing JP was picked and they picked a LZ song. That in itself speaks volumes for me and at least gives me a bit of faith that some people in a few postions of influence get it right. SS
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