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  1. Were they actually ever for sale in stores does anyone know? I See these on eBay all the time. They sell between 40 and a 100 bucks depending...a lot of the listings claim that it was never released but used as a promo item for radio stations and record stores and such.
  2. Hey you!! I almost forgot about this place! I think I'll hang around a while ; ) No Yankster here, Praise the God! LOL!

  3. Who in their right mind would want to open for Zeppelin??? I doubt they would have an opening act anyway, if it ever happens. (fingers crossed)
  4. I think it was in rolling stone when he did the cover for Now and Zen album that he talked about it.
  5. robert is a self appointed assclown when it comes to telling the media what he really thinks.
  6. can i ask where you guys got all the beautiful signiture pictures? they are very nice. i'd like one.
  7. hi yourself sweetie

  8. hi yourself sweetie.

  9. Hey LW, you charmer you! ; )

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