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  1. Were they actually ever for sale in stores does anyone know? I See these on eBay all the time. They sell between 40 and a 100 bucks depending...a lot of the listings claim that it was never released but used as a promo item for radio stations and record stores and such.
  2. JPOL...I think it's good you post info here instead of someone from this forum trying to take credit for a story you broke and posted on your board first. Thanks for the update!
  3. To be fair there has also been tons of threads stating that Robert is the only relevant member of Led Zeppelin also. Since he is the only one who is working outside the frame of Zeppelin and is not trying to relive his past. I feel these types of replies and threads are just as annoying as a Plant basher. It's the internet, you can't curtail what you feel is disrespectful. Unless you want to go the highbob route as mrZ calls it highbob hysteria, and lose all sense of reality. Which to be honest seems like some of you would welcome. I for one don't.
  4. OK I understand that, and it's true to an extent. But how many? A very few. We tend to blow things out of proportion. I am sure someone would boycott the project because they don't like facial hair. Either way you look at it, it in no way effected raising sands success.
  5. While I understand your reasoning, it's simply not true. They are not alike on any level, especially the ones you pointed out such as drumming and guitar work, and I think JPJ said it best when explaining the likings of both types of music. Raising Sand was a big hit before the 02 and there is no derision. Either you like it, or you don't.
  6. it might get loud documentary. The Olympics, and a host of other projects including another Zeppelin release, and he has been working on with other artists on new matrial. not exactly watching football all day on tv is it.
  7. While I don't mind the idea of anything new coming from Jimmy, I just don't think the Santana like album is his style. It's becoming clear that the 3 J's are more than likely not going to produce anything. Very sad.
  8. This must mean lil robert anthony wants to come and play!
  9. I tend to bash Roberto here and there depending on my mood but I must say...no one sings led zep like mr. krauss.
  10. I bet someone can make some cute ones of Robert and Alison. No one really cares about Jimmy anymore anyway. He is just an old fart who watches the TV all day.
  11. He was having trouble selling out and added Zep songs to his shows. Whats the big freaking deal?
  12. I think it's awesome. I mean at least Thownsend has come to grips with the fact that his band is not as big as Zeppelin. But guys like Bruce, Jagger, Richards, Stewart, Crapton, they all still have a major bug in there ass. I think it's fantastic.
  13. Robert said last year that Zep had no contemporaries in there time and no one could touch them. Something to that effect. It was a bold statement. Had to do with someone asking him about a Stones comparison I think. I agree with him.
  14. I wonder what he thinks of PLant/Krauss? I wonder what Robert thinks of these comments? Maybe he will ask Jack to play on his new album with Alison.
  15. The whole world loves him...And like I said, it was just Jimmy in attendance far as Led Zeppelin is concerned.
  16. Just Jimmy. Robert is busy making cover songs somewhere in kentucky.
  17. Oh I wasn't discrediting him. When the guy makes a statement he sticks to it. And also when he knows something, he doesn't beat around the bush with the info. No whispers or hidden messages. So he has my respect for that. He is not afraid to put his rump on the line, and will answer a question directly. You have to admire that.
  18. Hi kidled, Mr whats his face recently claims that there will be a new band without Robert and it won't be Led Zeppelin. So you already have your answer from him.
  19. Could you elaborate a bit on this please? How so in your opinion would this effect Roberts decision?
  20. You are hung up on this partnership thing so lets take it a step further with a few questions in regard to this matter. Maybe someone with some knowledge of this subject can chime in and we can solve this debate once and for all. Is John Bonham now an equal partner in the band or did his sudden death change that arrangement? If so, Who holds John bonhams interest? Anyone from his family? Or just the remaining 3 members? How does the Bonham estate collect on 1/4? Do you think John Bonhams family collects monies from the band, or do the 3 remaining do that also? Does John Bonham's family hav
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