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  1. The 4 people with inside information are not talking. 3 J's and an R, that is.
  2. Who Robert Plant? Yeah he is well known. It will be Robert. He will come around to the idea. He just needs a lil kick in the pants is all.
  3. I like the fact that Jimmy and CO. are putting fire under the pot. I think it may be what Robert needs to get him on board. I do not like the thought of a Led Zeppelin without Robert. I do not think Jimmy will take it that far. Least I hope not in name.
  4. I like this too. I think the c/p album is very underrated. Thanks for the link.
  5. The did like 2 or 3 shows in Japan thats it. You can find these clips on youtube. do a search.
  6. ledwallett

    GQ Awards

    meantime his smile is a mile wide. this is all horse-shit.
  7. ledwallett

    GQ Awards

    I think there is no difference in these and the ones taken before the 02 show for all the mag covers they did. I don't think you can read a damn thing on how they look in the pics. Lets wait and see if anything was said, or if the boys went out for drinks or something.
  8. Why is it people revert to name calling when they don't agree with someones opinion? I am getting tired of that crap.
  9. Who's complaining? Not me!I loved it. Lets face it 4 stinkin minutes is not exactly going to prove anything special as a whole. But for me it was. Just seeing Jimmy was enough. (BTW the Times UK has taken a few shots at Jimmy.)
  10. Elton may rock the jock strap, and play for anyone who will pay him thats true. But it doesn't change the fact that he is a brilliant musician. A modern day Mozart.
  11. The British Media is having a field day with this. I hope Jimmy never goes back to London. You don't deserve him.
  12. The only thing that would have topped this would have been Robert and Jimmy faking Stairway. BTW I love the fact that Britain hated this.
  13. I am very happy Jimmy is doing this but re-working a Zep song is getting a tad annoying.
  14. Well douche bag, I'd be happy to put my annual income up against yours. Lets say the loser pays the difference between the two? Not that it's the measure of a man, but since you are so inclined... Also ass-goblin, because others are doing it makes you feel better? WTF are you 11? I think you would be happy at rikers island, where the rest of your friends live.
  15. Stalker-Esq = No Life.
  16. I am guessing this is your way of telling us there will be no press conference. Thanks a lot, mood killer.
  17. Z won't respond to this because it's moronic. No where in his post does it say every member of this board has Led Zeppelin as it's favorite band. You must have read that while dropping Lucy in the sky with diamonds. OH and also, Johnny Cash was a spoiled rich kid drug addict phony, who's music is ok at best IMO.
  18. Right post. I was just adding, and agreeing to your thoughts.
  19. Think what you want, it's your opinion, but I find it outrageous to post that ak/Plant is better at doing Zep songs then Zep is, and no one here has the balls to say a word about it. What a joke.
  20. One to many y'all's for my liking, but I dig your points here.
  21. What I find amusing about all this is how some take SAJ so seriously. Dude is a kiss-a$$ to the regs when posting, and I love the fact that they iggy him for it. I understand a lot of the old crew are a tad bit pissy cause they got banned for thread trashing. Take the guy with a grain of salt, the first thing he ever said to me was threat in PM. I posted it in the thread.
  22. You skipped a few people to say sorry to here. It's ok though, because they all understand what a few beers can do to someones ears.
  23. Now that this has been explained to you in tooth pull like detail, I have only this to say 12 pages on, get a life dude.
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