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  1. Not at all true. People said they were sad. Some (Jimmy?) said it was "unfortunate". This time around it was high praise, especially for Jason. Unless you a misguided lunatic with some type of hidden agenda, I can't see anyone coming away with the same feeling from Atlantic's 40th, and the 02.
  2. After you prove to the world you are capable, things change. A lot was proven at the 02 that makes this time different then any other.
  3. Comparing them to Jimmy they are well below mediocre. IT would be a shame IMO.
  4. I hope not too. What a waste it would be, knowing he could have done something with Jimmy and Jonesy and instead settled for mediocre. A tragic mistake.
  5. Who in their right mind would want to open for Zeppelin??? I doubt they would have an opening act anyway, if it ever happens. (fingers crossed)
  6. I hope he does. I just don't want anyone waiting for him. That would be a huge mistake. I would love anything new from Jimmy at this point, and I am sure it won't be country music.
  7. I think it was in rolling stone when he did the cover for Now and Zen album that he talked about it.
  8. Jimmy ripping in rehearsal with David... Click Here
  9. Well yea I know but thats the way it seems. It just seems some people are afriad of these four guys getting together and making music, and I do not understand why.
  10. It has been said that Jimmy is working on new material with the other band members. If that is true, you would rather see Robert with the strange sensations then with Jimmy, JPJ, and Jason?
  11. I don't hear that at all. I hear DC saying that he loves Jimmy and wants him to be happy and for him being denied that happiness would be a heartbreaking. I am not reading anything further then that.
  12. No way Jimmy would do that under the Zeppelin name.
  13. It's almost as if Coverdale is saying...Robert would be a king sized ass if he didn't do this. Which I don't agree. It's his choice, and if Jimmy wants to make a new album, he should do it with or without Robert.
  14. The fellow?... Who said you were insulting him? I am sure you will catch me using your instead of you're at some point so your hat can have a false sense of being bigger. And as for the ass-hat who is questioning my sense of humor...Dude I was not mocking your hat, I just find it funny. Not necessarily a bad thing is it? Anger management.
  15. I don't see the funny part. Clemente is dead. Not funny. Now your hat...
  16. Ohio is hardly yankee land lol. I have been picked on because i am a yankee when i visit down south plenty, but i still like going.
  17. im a philly fan and have to say its true. we are a bunch off a-holes as a whole. i was at the game when reyes got his head knocked in and everyone was cheering he got hurt. i didnt, and thought it was wrong but if you dissagree with philly fans at a game in philly you're going to get your ass kicked. i have seen cops take sides just cause someone was wearing a yankee hat.
  18. led who... how completely disrespectful.
  19. i like the idea of a free concert in the park. it would be something for all generations to share and a wonderful memory. nice idea nirvana.
  20. why are you asking jimmy to remember it? he's not complaining is he? It makes no sense. seems you went out of your way for no reason to take a quote out of context and use it like it pertains to whats happening. it doesn't. also, who said it was about money? who accused robert of doing it for only the money? seems to me you have a chip on your shoulder maybe. Mr.Z was right in asking you about this comment. it has no merit.
  21. in regard to "inside" information. which was the format of my post. sorry for the confusion.
  22. I believe arguing about who is more creditable a source is crazy. I don't believe a thing i read from a poster no matter how respected they are on a forum. Just wait until Robert is done with ak. then we will see.
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