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  1. yeah. you are not understanding the reason why someone would take them. not a fan. an asshole who wants to make money. say richard cole. get it? ugh.
  2. well duh. they would be stealing them for profit.
  3. that was cool as hell of you bro! thank you soooo much. i am one of the cool kids now.
  4. robert is a self appointed assclown when it comes to telling the media what he really thinks.
  5. id love one also! they are beautiful! jimmy one please.
  6. can i ask where you guys got all the beautiful signiture pictures? they are very nice. i'd like one.
  7. stern loves zeppelin. he had nothing better to do that day so he ripped off some internet theory and made a show of it. its a joke.
  8. hey scarlett whats shakin babes.
  9. hey, i tried to visit the website and got a greatful dead site. its working now though... wtf is up with that?
  10. yeah to bad he couldnt blame hbo for not being able to get it up on heartbreaker that night.
  11. given past flops of reunion one offs, the band wants full control. this way if it sucks wether they can fix it or if it really really sucks no one will see it except those who were there. unless you are kashmir_bob who is the only person in the world who thinks the other reunions were the best ever, you can understand why the band would be a bit paranoid. plain and simple. if you think its something other then that you are wrong. use live aid as an example.
  12. the "real" led zeppelin wasnt always so great live. even they will admit that. who cares what anyone "thinks". its not going to change a damn thing. they will always be the greatest rock band of all time. period.
  13. when i saw this i was like WTF? it sucked major donkey balls. i give bobo credit for his bart simpson like arguing skills....... no way man, im right man, you are dumb man, you dont know shit man.
  14. making friends Mr. Z? lol this was classic. i wonder if yank reads this shit.
  15. um hello! have you read this thread? its for your life. its been said about 6000 times. geez.
  16. you always have to prove a point dont ya big guy. since i am not going( thanks to Z being whipped by his wife ) this will be my only way to see the show or hear it until a offical release comes out. for us who cant go....we are counting on those who can to bring it on home! youtube style.
  17. these are soooo cute guys! thanks for making them this ones my fav.
  18. hi yourself sweetie

  19. hi yourself sweetie.

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