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  1. Does anybody have a picture of Jimmy's son who was born in 1988?
  2. I would like to know what are jimmy sayin' in that video becouse I can't understand anything of what he says xD Anyhow... Does anybody have the original pictures of the one of jimmy that is on the cover of mothership?
  3. What is that stain on his trousers? xD
  4. It was a stupid fantasy of me and a friend of mine xDxD Why are they all in the same position?
  5. She's just sayin': -C'mon baby, I'm just waitin' for you... It's very sexy, I love it! PS: I've just seen your works Lena_Zep and I think they are really colourful and artistic!
  6. I'm at the first year of an art school... I'm fourteen years old I hope I'll improve my arts in five years xD
  7. I found that pic on my computer, It's a portrait of my ex-boyfriend wich I gave to him xD That one is a bad watercolour painting but at the end I can't say I don't like it... That's strange xD It represent something like a witch or maybe a Magdalene (It was just a picture of a beautiful model) and It's not figurative at all...
  8. Nice!!! I love it, expecially mouth is very beautiful I think
  9. You're really nice!! And your hair is beautiful!
  10. I thought it was a photograph too... That's just perfect!!! OMG! What did you use to make it?
  11. And what about blues? Rock'n'Roll? Beat? Music from '80 and from '90? Musicians like led zeppelin and many other in that period had started playing with blues I just can't catalogue and classify music, I love every kind of music which is my only friends, the one who is always with me and help me when I need it... I'm not from the '70s and I would like to have seen led zeppelin in concert but that's life... BTW music of 21st century is not so bad... And also in '60, '70, '80 and '90 there were a lot of crap and commercial music...
  12. Since I've been Lovin you is my favourite song but the most perfect is Stairway to heaven... That's one of the most perfect rock song ever made I think...
  13. poor Robert, nobody understand him...
  14. Thank you You can see my shadow on it (I take a bad picture xD): I would like to find a beautiful Zeppelin picture... The ones I found have all a bad or a false illumination and I can't make a good "chiaroscuro" Next one will be Rob...
  15. This picture's MINE My God
  16. This is not one of my best drawing, I made it before going out with my friends today, It's a sketch...
  17. II don't know anything about foreign policy but Italian policy just make me crazy!!! Our government is probably one of the worst in Europe (I can't say in the world)...
  18. I hate Italy... Expecially the italian politicians
  19. Wow... He's a bit masochist xD (or maybe he was just trying to act as if nothing had happened ) Thank you for the informations
  20. I have just seen a picture of him with a pack of marlboro light in his hands but I wasn't sure... What about the other three? (if you know)
  21. I've founded It on another forum Rob and Aqualung
  22. Here's some pictures of me: my hair: I hate this one xD: excuse me if they are too big but I don't know how to resize them xD
  23. That's why I've seen a few photos of jimmy with a cigarette in his hands i think xD It souds strange... Did he use a lot of other drugs maybe? I heard he used to drink a lot in the early zeppelin years...
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