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  1. This is simply beautiful. Checking out their other tracks right now, what a great band!
  2. Thanks. Hopefully I can get something similar for my desktop background.
  3. Conneyfogle where do you get those landscape pictures/videos? They are beautiful.
  4. Anyone know what song is played while in menu (before you select play/extras/scene selection etc.)?
  5. Jimmy: Doubtful. Eric: Not a chance in hell.
  6. How do you guys figure out keys? I'm talking mainly in situations where you're just essentially with a guitar in your hands and you just have to jam along to something you hear for the first time. I try to play random stuff until something sounds right, then it's easy. But the problem is I spend WAY too much time figuring it out like this and of course what you play sounds rubbish. So is there any other way to go about it, or is it just practice until you get faster at this? Is it possible to hear keys reasonably fast without actually playing anything?
  7. New clip, great quality, don't know long will it last... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViUgGoRKSg4
  8. The thing is I didn't have a particular thing in my mind, I was kind of looking more towards the fluidity of his playing which is a nice change from the usual call-response blues playing if that makes sense. I'll try to be to be more specific just not sure if it's going to be before I go to sleep (past midnight already here). As far as GTBT goes one of the licks I had in mind is the first one that comes after the bass bit (only a short bass bit is played, no other instruments), the guitar lick sounds kind of scale based, descending type of stuff. And yes I realize the bit from Trampled v
  9. Ok I've been a huge Jimmy Page fan for as long as I can remember but as far as my playing goes I've always played things a bit more safe and slow and in a nice comfy blues box (think Eric Clapton, not that I'm as good as him of course). Now of course I love Jimmy Page's playing and there's some stuff that I'm not quite sure how he does it and I'm too lazy to figure it out (and I try not to use internet for learning stuff, I like my ears best). To get to the point there's one particular lick, if we can call it like that, that I'm interested in. It's the flurry of notes he does, you can'
  10. Short version: AC/DC is a one trick pony. It just happens so that Led Zeppelin not only have that trick in their repertoire (among thousands of others), they are better at it.
  11. Actually, I didn't. I did see the Train Kept A Rollin and he seemed a bit uncomfortable to me. Maybe something threw him off, or he just doesn't like sharing the stage with so many guitarists? And my previous post was kind of off topic since I didn't write it with this particular performance in mind. I just got this funny image of Hendrix playing with his teeth and behind his back at age 50. Not that there's anything wrong with that, I just thought it would be hilarious in a good way.
  12. Another thing is that a guitarist like Page who dances around a lot, plays his guitar at different angles etc. is more prone to be affected by age than an Eric Clapton who "just" stands there. Can you imagine Hendrix at this age? I think Jimmy is feeling a bit uncomfortable because he's probably used to play in a way his body might not allow him anymore.
  13. I found 5 clips here ----> http://www.collider.com/entertainment/news...id/10916/tcid/1
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