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  1. Here is an article that sums up my feelings very well, from an "ethical" standpoint and a football standpoint. Vick deserves chance for redemption Posted Aug. 18, 2009 @ 10:33 a.m. By Hub Arkush Michael Vick's return to the National Football League as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles is really two separate stories. One is what it means to the Eagles' football team. The more important and more socially significant story is what it says about our society, our justice system and our ability to forgive and forget as a means toward an end of making the world a better place to live, for people and animals alike. For the almost 30 years my wife and I have been together, we have never had fewer than two golden retrievers in the family, including Satchmo, who is now 13, and Payton (named for Walter, of course), 8, who are like our children now that our kids have all grown up and moved out. In my office here at Pro Football Weekly you'll find more canine collectibles than football. I am a dog fanatic. I am also a fanatic when it comes to my love of this country and — battered, bruised and abused as it may be at times — our legal system. That system said the punishment for what Vick did was 23 months in a federal penitentiary. We're talking Leavenworth here, folks, not some country club built to house white-collar criminals and most of the governors of the state of Illinois. He has also gone from the highest-paid player in the NFL to bankrupt, and possibly the most ridiculed player in the history of the game. He has paid for his crime. Now it is time for him to prove he has learned from his mistakes and is ready to continue to rehabilitate himself and contribute to our society. But how can that happen if we deny him access to the one arena where he can do the most good? PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and it released this statement in response to the Vick signing: "PETA and millions of decent football fans around the world are disappointed that the Philadelphia Eagles have chosen to sign a man who hanged dogs from trees, electrocuted them with jumper cables, held them underwater until they drowned in his swimming pool, and even threw his own family dogs into the fighting pit to be torn to shreds while he laughed. What sort of message does this send to young fans who care about animals and don't want to see them be harmed?" It tells young fans that — unlike PETA, whose only response to the situation is to continue to horrify young fans with the kind of images it felt obligated to paint in that statement — in the NFL, and in America, we believe in second chances. If, as Vick, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie, head coach Andy Reid and Vick's mentor, Tony Dungy, tell us, Vick's primary purpose in life is to earn our forgiveness by doing everything in his power to work toward protecting animals of all kinds wherever they may be, then why wouldn't we do all that we can to support him in that effort? As an NFL star committed to that purpose, he can do great things. Denied that stage, he is no more than a sideshow who will quickly be forgotten. If he screws up again, ban him for life. But if he is sincere, there are few people in the world today with the pulpit to do more for the humane treatment of animals than the one the Eagles are giving Vick. It is time to give Michael Vick a second chance, a chance to do good. And to the folks at PETA, you might be a hell of a lot more effective if you ever figured out there can be no People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals without People for the Ethical Treatment of People. The football part of the equation is much clearer and easier to explain. Vick has said, "Whatever Coach Reid decides on, that's what I will do. I'm just here to contribute and help win a Super Bowl." Donovan McNabb has said, "I pretty much lobbied to get him here. I believe in second chances, and what better place to get a second chance than here with this group of guys. ... He's no threat to me, not to (Kevin) Kolb. We had the opportunity to add another weapon to our offense." Those things said, the sky's the limit. Reid would be foolish not to teach the nuances of the QB position to a three-time Pro Bowl quarterback who has been a poor man's Donovan McNabb, better on the ground but inferior though the air. But rest assured there will be a Michael Vick package, as well, that has nothing to do with QB. Imagine yourself as the opposing defensive coordinator when the Eagles line up DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin at wideout, McNabb under center and Brian Westbrook and Vick together in the backfield. Taking away all those weapons is impossible, so which poison do you pick, and how do you take it? There is no "Rocky" sequel here in the City of Brotherly Love. Vick and every one of us who know his story will be forever haunted by his past. But if his future is as a leading voice for the humane treatment of animals, and the missing link in the Eagles' Super Bowl dreams to boot, it will certainly be a story worth telling.
  2. Ya I had never listened to Queens of the Stone Age before I heard about this group, but I started looking them up on youtube and definitely have some pretty hard hitting riffs that I like.
  3. frankb

    Almost Famous

    I'm sure a lot of people have seen this movie before, but I was a little late on seeing it (watched it the other night ha), but still really enjoyed it a lot. Anyways its a pretty good movie but I really liked all the Zep in it. I counted 5 zep songs in it (MMH, Bron Y Aur, Rain Song, Thats the Way and Tangerine if I remember correctly) which I thought was really cool considering Zep doesn't let their music be used much. In addition, heres the STH scene where they play the whole song to convince his mom to let him go on tour (its not on the original due to copyrights of the song, but I'm sure everyone here has a copy handy to play with the clip). http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5lb56_al...heaven-le_music
  4. No that definitely makes sense, and the more and more that I learn Jimmy's solo's, the more and more I see how much he mixes the major/minor pentatonics, which is pretty cool. Also, I haven't ever even really looked into this solo as I just really wanted to learn the slide part (2nd slide song I learned after IMTOD), but it is a pretty cool solo and if you say its easy I'll have to give it a shot.
  5. Ha see Ev, I wish I was like you, but unfortunately have no ear at all. I'm a person who is very book smart, and have a good memory, but have pretty much zero musical talent. Could never carry a tune to save my life, had no sense of pitch or intervals, and basically when I started my ear was nothing. Thus, to learn guitar I've had to learn as much theory as possible, work through it all, memorize it and what sounds good with what and then when I know what I'm playing I will hear it and say ooohh that does sound good and try to remember the sound. My ear has improved a bit, but still has a very long way to go. I also feel like my knowledge will be way ahead of my musical ability for a while, but hopefully sometime I can catch up and balance it out. Also to not get too off topic: Dazed and Confused Travelling Riverside Blues (all but solo) Whole Lotta Love (full) How Many More Times Heartbreaker (full, but will hit random notes in the same scale during fast parts of solo) Since I've Been Loving You Black Dog Stairway (full) Over the Hills (full) The Ocean Bring it on Home Ramble On The Rover (full) Ten Years Gone (full) ALS I think LZ songs constitute at least 1/3 maybe half the songs I know after looking at this list ha.
  6. Ya I based it off this comment on the last video I posted. "Backing is loud. Hey, the D Maj is a Maj7 at the 9th fret, you can hear the high c# in the original. Good stuff." I also really like this solo a lot, never really listened to it that closely before i started to learn it, but its got some pretty cool parts to it. Not to mention he uses a C# minor scale which is the same as the E major scale (key of the song) which I found pretty cool since lately I've been trying to learn my modes using the relative major key thing.
  7. After watching a few more video's, I stumbled upon this one In this the guys plays a regular D major chord, but theres a comment saying that its actually a major D7 chord, so its the D triad with a c# on the high E string thats played right before the solo. It appears thats what Jun's playing too after I took another look/listen, and it sounds pretty damn close. Just FYI as I think thats what I'm going to go with.
  8. Cool, thanks a lot I'll give it a hack after I get off of work. I kind've thought that it was in A based off a lot of the chords, but the only way a lot of the solo made sense to me was to be D major/minor pentatonic...guess I'll take another look at it.
  9. Ha ya, listened to that ten years gone video before, its pretty cool. That guy playing the rover wasn't very good, but on the side links, I found this one in which he plays that part around 2:15. Is he just playing a D triad on the 7th fret D G and B strings? Also, I knew the tuning for TYG, but was wondering what key it was in, thanks though and DADGBD tuning would be interesting.
  10. First off what key is Ten Years Gone in, specifically what is he doing during the solo? It seems like its in D and it seems hes using the 2nd D "blues box" for some of it, but a lot I can't figure out where alot of its coming from. Also in The Rover what chords is he playing during the part that starts at 2:37? The 2nd one I think is in E chord at 7th fret sliding down, but I can't figure out what the one before it is...The duh duhna duh... Thanks for the help.
  11. Ha I love all the Nobs video's, sometimes I'll look at the names of the songs and can't figure out which one it is and then I'll click on it and just go oooohh that makes sense. Heres a good one for Communication Breakdown. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWD5Nh66IoA...feature=related All of these videos are awesome (I think theres 5 of them) and they are on the Led Zeppelin DVD too. Just these little kids walking into this room and sitting down on the ground and then bam they are hit with CB, Dazed, HMMT, BIGLY, and ICQYB... They probably have no idea whats going on but I'm sure they haven't seen/heard anything like it before.
  12. I've seen these guys a few times in Columbus at the Newport (as mentioned above) and they are good. As you said the vocalist isn't spot on, but hes pretty good and overall they put on a fun show. There are better sounding tribute bands out there, but I still really enjoy these shows. The first time I saw them they did a lot of PG, with Ten Years Gone and a few others which was cool. I am pretty sure they switch up their setlists fairly consistently.
  13. http://vimeo.com/4486203 there is also a 2nd angle that this same guy has of playing it if you get stuck. he plays it hybrid picking which i found damn hard (i'd recommend just fingerpicking it), but it works for him i guess.
  14. Ya, I do listen to most of my music through my computer/headphones since I am still living with roommates and not in the nicest of places of where I would want to get a nice system yet. I knew that mp3's compressed music, but didnt really know to what extent and that there were higher quality mp3's (320 kbit/s etc). Maybe I'll start trying to upgrade my mp3's to the highest quality on my ipod and listening to cd's directly and worry about getting a record player in a few months.
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