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  1. Zep is definitely my favourite band, although I love the Beatles also, and Elvis will always be the King. It's interesting to read others opinions on this site. Some Choose P.Floyd over Zep, that's fine and thats your opinion, but I don't smoke weed and to me Zep made every type of music, whether it be up down or in the middle and P.Floyd just made one type of music. Just a loooonnng Drone. Very good, very talented, just didn't go anywhere. Just a quick question, Do you have to smoke pot to enjoy Floyd? Zeppelin "is" my drug of choice!
  2. I just posted something similar on another space, but I'll say it again. Since Steven Tyler has been Jamming w/ the 3J's and it was confirmed in an article by Brad Whitford from Aerosmith, I think they should all tour together! Hire Miles Kennedy as their main lead singer, and Jam w/ Aerosmith on some good Zep songs. I agree there are some Zep songs I just don't like to hear other people sing, but there are some that do fit Tyler's voice and range. I would love to hear him sing "Dazed", "Train", "WWL". I can even imagine him doing a fine version of "FYL", which is still one of my favorite songs from the Reunion. They could also do "GTBT" and all of the songs mentioned, w/out tuning down. I don't really care for cover versions of Kashmir, and "ALS", but who knows we'll just have to wait and see.
  3. Wow,that's cool! I'll have to find that boot. Which Train Kept a Rollin were you talking about? 69' or 80'?
  4. Did they ever open w/Heartbreaker? Or was it Immigrant/Heartbreaker. But yes "Train in 80" has to be one of the heaviest openings. I couldn't believe it when I first bought a 80' boot, Zurich. Early Train was pretty good also, just not as hard hitting.
  5. Good Question! Zep was great for having killer openings, esp because they usually segued into another song or two before he even spoke to the crowd. I picked song-remains-the-same because it kicks ass for all of them. Bonzo played like a maniac, Roberts voice was healthy again, and Jimmy had great stage movement. Jonesy was good also. But the Rover/sick again combo really put's the icing on the cake.
  6. I Saw Physical Graffiti in Reading Pa. In 1994? or 1993. I found out about them from this "Variety Rock Shop" in York PA. It was called the Sound Bizzare. I saw a picture behind the desk that I swore had to be Zep 77' but it was PG. The owner knew them and told me they were playing the "Silo" so me and a buddy went. They were great. Their Guitarist was excellent, and their singer was great, the whole band was good. Another one that is good in the Baltimore area is "Never Never" They don't try to look like Zep, but they are awesome! I have heard from friends that "Get the led out" is the tribute to see.
  7. Destroyer was my 1st Zep boot, Someone in my Army Barracks gave it to me. It was an incomplete cassette tape recorded from the Album that had mistakenly been credited to Seattle. The other side of the tape had part of the 88' reunion, and 85' reunion. I was completely blown away by the destroyer songs. Trampled, Ten yrs gone, Acoustic set, no Quarter and thats all there was, I could tell it was a substandard concert, but for years I had had the whole studio colletion, and TSRTS concert and was burned out and that was how I got into Boots. My very next boot was the 71' BBC show. Given to me from the same person. It must have been recorded from a great album, or the broadcast, because it sounded better and fuller than the official release on CD. There is a 2nd Destroyer 4-28-77 aud recording. Outstanding show! One of the best on the tour! Now to the 77' vs 75' question? I will take LA77' anytime. 6-21, 6-23, 6-25. Wish they were proffesionaly video'd. Just have to suffer thru Seattle to really see what they were like. The reason I pick 77, is Achilles, Nobodies Fault, Acoustic set w/ Battle of evermore, Kashmir is played more maturely, better mix or something. But as far as 75' goes, I like the openers, RR/Sick again, trampled, and I am a Dazed and Confused fanatic! 5-24 is one of the best. But I like a lot of them in 75'!
  8. I like 6-21-77 best also, I need to get another copy of 6-23 so I can't recall that version. 6-21 is just the ultimate even with Robert taking the low notes his voice is still much better than 75' The solo/jam in this song is unreal.Jones/Bonham/Jimmy. And I love that distorted slide Jimmy does at the very end. About 72 and 73 versions I don't think I liked the solos as much then.
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