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  1. Zep is definitely my favourite band, although I love the Beatles also, and Elvis will always be the King. It's interesting to read others opinions on this site. Some Choose P.Floyd over Zep, that's fine and thats your opinion, but I don't smoke weed and to me Zep made every type of music, whether it be up down or in the middle and P.Floyd just made one type of music. Just a loooonnng Drone. Very good, very talented, just didn't go anywhere. Just a quick question, Do you have to smoke pot to enjoy Floyd? Zeppelin "is" my drug of choice!
  2. I personally don't think drugs could ever help a musician. A lyricist could "maybe" go into a dream state and write the best song ever, but do they ever put pen to paper? Anybody that knows about Alcoholism or Drug Addiction should realize that once you take that path, it will eventially take you down. Just use Jimmy Page for an example. 69-73, one of the greatest rock guitarists ever! After that it was down hill. Drugs and Alcohol will kill you, and if not they will seriously get in the way of any creativity or positive energy that you may have going for you.
  3. I'm going to watch "Get The Led Out" Saturday night in Baltimore, I've heard nothing but good reports about this tribute band. Anyone else on this site going to be there?
  4. I think Jimmy just used that "Lick" to "Buy Time" while he was doing an extended/improvised solo. He could play that lick over and over until something melodic popped into his head. The best example to watch is the Stairway solo on the official DVD release. OTHFA is the other best example, because he would use that lick to get his "Bearings" and then rip into another flurry of notes. 1972 and before Jimmy didn't have to resort to something like that, he just let it rip.
  5. Let me re-phrase, I'll put Darlene in place of Carouselambra, and just call Carouselambra,"testing". I used to be very interested in it, and it would be interesting to have seen it "live" in America on the 80's tour, had John Bohnam not died, and it's a song Jimmy could have played fairly well in the state of health he was in at the time.
  6. Why would this be a damn shame? I don't think Plant is into this and as much as I wish he was into it I'm just trying to put 2 and 2 together. I want to see the 3J's Rock! And I hope they put out a Rockin' Album w/ a good singer! I loved the 02 show and think that if this is what Plant wanted to do it would be done. Believe me, they could go out as Led Zeppelin w/ Plant and no new music and sell out a world tour, but w/out Plant they need a good album and to go out w/ a big name band. I wouldn't want Steven Tyler to be Plants' replacement on an Album, I would just like to see the 2 bands
  7. I think "The new Zep" with Miles Kennedy will join Aerosmith on tour. I think they will eventually record if they are already not doing it, and that Steven Tyler will make a guest appearance on the new disc. I think both bands will jam on some Zep material together through-out this Mega-Tour!
  8. I agree, I know it's just opinions, but some of these songs people are listing make me shake my head. I love Ozone Baby and Wearing and Tearing! They make Coda Worth-it, and Poor Tom! And how about "Were gonna Groove"? I can't believe people bash All My Love either. Oh Well here's my list: Hats' off to Roy Night Flight Caroselambra South Bound Hot's on for Knowhere Royal Orleans These are just songs I hate and won't listen to at all.
  9. I just posted something similar on another space, but I'll say it again. Since Steven Tyler has been Jamming w/ the 3J's and it was confirmed in an article by Brad Whitford from Aerosmith, I think they should all tour together! Hire Miles Kennedy as their main lead singer, and Jam w/ Aerosmith on some good Zep songs. I agree there are some Zep songs I just don't like to hear other people sing, but there are some that do fit Tyler's voice and range. I would love to hear him sing "Dazed", "Train", "WWL". I can even imagine him doing a fine version of "FYL", which is still one of my favorite
  10. Hey People, I just had a brainstorm the other day. Brad Whitford from Aerosmith was interviewed and confirmed that Steven Tyler was in the studio w/ the 3J's, and that it was pretty much just an attempt to make Robert jealous, or let him know that they were seriously going to tour w/out him, but I think it goes deeper than that. Aerosmith is in the process of putting out another studio album and touring again, I think, hope they will tour together. I wouldn't want Steven Tyler to replace Robert or be Zep's main singer, but there are Zep songs he fits right in with. The 3J's should hire Mi
  11. Hey! My B-day is Dec 8 1968! I don't know about the Surrey Concert, Sorry!
  12. You're probably right, and it was wishfull thinking on my part that Plante was just "hedging". Now I hear that he has other reasons that people won't disclose for taking an extended break, and that Myles Kennedy has the job. I've heard about him for awhile on this site but haven't looked up any of his footage. And I know that chick is Allison Krauss and have watched a lot of their footage, it's good. Now I'm going to see who this new dude is.
  13. BINGO!!!! You hit the nail on the head! I think there will be a Zep tour! I think Robert is just trying to take the attention away from(over shadowing) his current progect, and at the same time building anticipation. If they tighten up the show that they put on last year and hit the road, it will hit the world like a "Led Balloon". Forget "The Who", "Stones", and "The Eagles", "LED ZEPPELIN" will rule the world again. I don't think it would work w/another singer, and I think it needs to be a 4-piece w/Jason Bonham, which makes it "Legit". And they most definitely need "JPJ". He is so mu
  14. Point taken! If Robert is just playing around (I hope), and if they tour, it is LED ZEPPELIN!!!!! The O2 show (Was) LED ZEPPELIN! If Robert comes around and they tour it will take over the world. W/O Robert it will be "well received" but it won't be "The Super Event". If they tour with another singer, they should just call it "The Three J's @.....?"
  15. My Fave is Jimmy Page, he had and still has the looks, Mystique, the vision, 68-73' he had serious guitar "chops". Everyone else in the band (as important as they are) still were just there to fullfill Jimmys' visions and dreams. How lucky could someone like Jimmy be to find those three other awesome characters, and have the confidence of someone like Peter Grant? The toughest brainteaser would be to put them in order of importance. Obviously jimmy is #1, but who is 2,3,and 4? Would Zeppelin have ever worked for that long if they never found Plant? What about Bonzo? Or JPJ?
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