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  1. ya, i got the same reply, so its confirmed we CAN take small digital cameras in so no need for anymore posts regarding this!!!
  2. after reading that, i emailed the o2 again, pasting both responses and asking to tell me which is correct, ill post their response when i get it
  3. i emailed the o2 and asked if we were allowed to bring cameras into the show they said as long as they were not professional they would be allowed
  4. hey tangerineman and grandmeaulne, i go to mcgill, huge huge zep fan, and i am on the same flight, cannot wait for the show! i was also thinking of catching that spurs - man city game, ive never been to an english premier league game before, so i think itd be a cool experience. anyway, its cool to know there are a couple others on my flight going to the show of a lifetime
  5. afterparty starting at 10??? i thought zep was supposed to play till around 11, atleast thats what harvey's statement said
  6. thats a good idea, the concert will be that much more exciting not knowing what songs are going to be played
  7. hey, ya i joined the LZ.com mailing list in early october and... won tickets in the second drawing, i got my email on oct. 23
  8. they don't owe us anything, let them do what they feel is right for themselves
  9. i believe jason bonham was quoted last month as saying it would strictly be an electric set. ill try to find the quote.
  10. hey, not staying there but in a very similar situation, im flying from toronto by myself and staying in a shitty hotel, the wellington, its right in the city tho, so that should be fun, i cant wait. i also havent been to london since i was 2, so anyone who's got any suggestions, they would be appreciated
  11. its still page, plant, jones, and bonham (jr.). thats as close as you'll ever get to the real deal, so don't try to dismiss what is going to be a night i will never forget
  12. ya, i wonder if it will be on sale at the concert, one would assume so
  13. i started another thread about this i emailed the o2 and asked if cameras would be allowed they said as long as they are not professional they will be allowed
  14. ya, i also plan on taking some pics that i would be happy to share
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