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    Led Jimmy Page and the occult.<br />but not in that order, and rarely does one have to do with the other.....<br /><br />Work, Sci Fi, WOW, getting it on with the hubby(lol), gardening.<br /><br />yeah that is pretty much it.
  1. agreed I couldn't go back to that! I was four! Everyone in the family was alive at least. Besides Mother didn't even listen to Led then.
  2. "hell hounds at my door" is what I have always heard..............
  3. First off I know that I am goingto tick some people off but here goes it. STH "The Lady who knows" in the song very simply is the Goddess, pick a pantheon. "All that glitters is gold" the alchemical theory tht the soul though careful practice can be made pure and as gold is pure and precious there for "she is buying the Stairway to heaven" for to purify the soul it is alot of hard work and you pay for your hard work/knowledge in some way now don't you? also refeances to "the May Queen" ( rites of Beltaine) "the road" is a referance to the path of the craft "shadows taller than our souls" a shadow self that is both loathed and feared but needs to be embraced. "there walks a Lady we all know" the eternal mother, maiden, lover, crone, who has been known throughout all mythologies. Frequently represented by the light of the moon and the keeper and revealer of secrects and mysteries. "to be a rock and not to roll" that if you are stable and watch you could actually learn something. that is just an witches view ramble on people )0(
  4. In the intero to the "Song Remains the Same" movie you see the dog; a blue eyed myrle which is a coloration of collie, a blue eyed border collie, with a grey, white and black coat, to be exact.
  5. I agree that it definatly isn't Alistar. and I used to know that ol'mans name but it just escapes me. But this guy was an early member of the Golden Dawn which the OTO had its roots in. Oh and don't think that he is Gardner either though the creepy factor is there. interesting ly enough the "sticks" in tarot that some have posted about are Wands, and there are more than just one card that depicts them. The Hermit the ninth card of the major arcana, is a card that high magicians frequently meditate upon. Meditaton of the Tarot cards being a method of enlightenment in the practice of the Mystical Quabala. but that is another post Merry Meet )0(
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