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  1. Alright!! A new DVD of the FULL Who, before Mooney passed. As far as the '69 content, if they include all of Tommy and the other tunes mentioned, that's nearly a complete concert of it's own. I MUCH MORE look forward to that part. The Who at the Isle of Wight 1970 is great. The early years were easily the best.
  2. Actually by Headquarters, their 3rd album, they DID do most of the playing and stuff.... The third album issued by The Monkees, Headquarters was their first LP recorded primarily by the four members of the group. After a struggle for creative autonomy, the group was allowed to record by themselves. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Headquarters_(album)
  3. I think Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart played instruments on the Monkees albums and were the producers, weren't they ? Does that count ? Yeah, I just found it.... http://www.tsimon.com/boycehrt.htm ..and The Monkees themselves started helping in producing their own material....Mostly "Headquarters", I believe.
  4. They don't frequent the South too often but they did play New Orleans last I know of, October 16, 2004; August 3, 2002; and August 14, 2000. Maybe New Orleans is a bit far from your part of the state, Helen. Art IS in the eye of the beholder though isn't it? Sonic Youth's music is still better than Pearl Jam's though.
  5. Yeah Beatbo, those Pearl Jam one's are cool. I guess accolades aren't bestowed on Sonic Youth like they are Pearl Jam. That's OK, Sonic Youth is the better band anyway. Another few that give these other posters a run for their money, The art of concert posters isn't dead, you just have to have an interest in bands that support the art and seek it there.
  6. That's right, not all rock bands come under that corporate umbrella and there still are some great posters, albeit by lesser known, generally regional/lesserknown bands. It's like anything else, true craftsmanship has been relegated to the minority. Here's a cool one of recent.
  7. They're really a fantastic band aren't they? And one of their side projects, The Latin Playboys!!!
  8. ^ I've noticed you like this band. Have you heard this? It's tunes recorded in 1997. I have it on right now and it's super good!
  9. Dr. Dog is a psychedelic rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Their sound has been compared to that of various 1960s pop bands, especially The Beatles and The Band, as well as The Beach Boys. Each band member has a nickname, and they have explained that friends of the band also receive nicknames, which are drawn from various aspects of their lives and personalities (Andrew Jones, for example, is a certified lawyer). Before 2004, the band was not well-known, and was often mistaken for a hip-hop group because of its name. The group had a small fanbase until My Morning Jacket brought them on tour. Soon after, The New York Times music critic Kelefa Sanneh praised the group's album Easy Beat in a December 2004 article, leading to attention from other critics. They signed with Park the Van Records and completed their first cross-country tour in 2005. Late 2005 saw the departure of Jones, who became a full-time lawyer. Jones was replaced by Frank McElroy. In early 2006 the group toured Europe and the US with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and has also been the opening band for The Strokes' 2006 tour in Detroit, Cleveland in the US, as well as a tour with The Raconteurs, and The Black Keys in the fall of 2006.
  10. A fantastic compilation, currently on Tony Geballe's, Native of the Rain.
  11. One of my favorites from "Out in LA" Dedicated to an old friend. F.U. Fuck You Fuck your whole family and your beverages Fuck You Fuck your little sister and your little brother Fuck You Fuck all your friends and everyone Fuck You Fuck your little puppy and your puppy dog Fuck You.... It's a must listen.
  12. Here, try some of these, and yeah there's alot of different current stuff out there. Just dig. It sure beats the garden variety I see listed so often. arcade fire- neon bible julian cope- you gotta problem with me 180dgs- ..to the future 180dgs play the music of negativland jesu- pale sketches nick cave /warren ellis- the assassination of jesse james.... (o.s.t.) dinosaur jr- beyond the fall- post reformation TLC explosions in the sky- all of a sudden i miss everyone turbo fruits- turbo fruits to kill a petty bourgeoisie- the patron black dice- load blown rhys chatham- a crimson grail von sudenfed- tromatic reflexxions 65 days of static- the deconstruction of small ideas holy fuck- holy fuck original silence- the first original silence pj harvey- white chalk amiina- kurr beirut- the flying club cup sigur ros- hvarf / heim the white stripes- icky thump sightings- through the panama radiohead- in rainbows panda bear- person pitch six organs of admittance- shelter from the ash health- health einsturzende neubauten- alles weiner offen jeffrey lewis- 12 crass songs sleeping people- growing merzbow- merzbear xbxrx- wars pram- the moving frontier xiu xiu / larsen- spicchiology? pissed jeans- hope for men monotract- trueno oscuro !!!- myth takes jesu- conquerer grinderman- grinderman liars- liars numbers- you are now this future of the left- curses qui- loves miracle shellac- excellent italian greyhound ahleuchistastis- even in the midst melt banana- bambis dilemma lcd soundsystem- sound of silver animal collective- strawberry jam the magik markers- boss thurston moore- trees outside the academy battles- mirrored
  13. Knowing there is suffering in others. Pitiful, isn't it? Just rewards however has it's satisfaction.
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