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  1. I think some live releases would be better first or outtakes of some sort. I think most of the fans would much rather have that first.

    I guess most mainstream fans would prefer that. But there are hundreds of bootlegs, many of which are EXCELLENT already, live and outtakes (from all era's). Personally I would prefer and proper 24bit remaster of the old catalog from the original multi-track tapes. Not just the 2 track first generation masters (but that would do), but a whole new, maybe even slightly tweaked on the re-mix, remaster.

  2. Thanks 'The Pagemeister' for alerting me to another fucking rip off.

    "How many more times" is a apt title for a band that has given very little to its die hard fans over the last 28 years, except to keep remastering its back catologue, time and time and time again. How much more of this are we going to be subjected too?

    This makes NO mention of a new remastering. Other than the compressed, boosted like mad Mothership, there hasn't been a proper remastering since the 1990 George Marino/Jimmy Page remasters. Technology has improved immensly since then and they could make the old material sound BETTER THAN EVER, if they wanted to. <_<

  3. The stock market has dropped ~2000 points since about September 20th.

    Down, down, down she goes,


    And once again, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, today down 679 pts., 7 days of plummeting in a row. Funny, when Wall St. thought the bill wasn't going to pass, the mkt. went up. After it's passed, it's dropped like a fucking boulder.


    Let the free market reign, some winners some losers, the government should've stayed COMPLETELY out of it.

  4. We know it's the 20th because there's a party the next day with a picture of him without a beard.

    Ok for Jimmy. But I've been trying to find a photo with ALL of them with beards. Seems March '71 would be the last time. I've looked now for about an hour !!!!! Dayum !!!!!!!!!

    John Bonham's beard March 28, 1970


  5. For the Led Zeppelin 1980 Tour Over Europe, Jimmy used two Telecasters live. He had a brown 1959 Telecaster with a B-Bender, which was used for Hot Dog, and a 1966 olympic white Telecaster with a B-Bender, which was used for All of My Love.

    Thanks JRomero! Glad to know. Now I wonder when he last used used it from '69 to those dates in '80. B)

    I know the last concert with Jimmy with a beard was in Australia in 1972. I think it's the 20th. But I'm not sure if JPJ or Robert had beards at that time.

    Yeah, here's Jimmy on the 20th in Aussie...


    I didn't immediately find pics from the 25th or 27th..but he was beardless by the 29th. The others were free of beards too.


    I'll look back to '71 or '70 to try to find the last pic with them all bearded.

  6. Jimmy Page used his Tele B-Bender almost exclusively on The Firm tours { 1984-1986}.

    I should have been more specific in asking about a last Led Zep performance that Jimmy used his Tele on.

    Wasn't the telecaster used on Presence and In Through the Out Door for the B-Bender stuff? I know one of his Les Pauls has the B-Bender. Didn't he use the "brown bomber" rebuilt Telecaster in the 1980 tour? He just had that period in the middle years where he wasn't using it.

    I don't know about the '80 tour and his usage of a Telecaster. Hmmm. Could be though. And I don't know specifically what guitars he used in the studio. I shouldn't be lazy and should research my own question. :P

    Here's a couple of excerpts from a '77 interview. Not saying exactly when he last used a tele onstage with Zep, but I'm now guessing it would have been early 1969. I know full well the first album was pretty much exclusively the Tele and early performances. I just don't know the last date for his live appearance with it.

    What kind of guitar were you suing on the first Led Zeppelin album?

    JP: A Telecaster. I used the Les Paul with the Yardbirds on about two numbers and a Fender for the rest. You see the Les Paul Custom had a central setting, a kind of out-of-phase pickup sound which Jeff couldn’t get on his Les Paul, so I used mine for that.

    Was the Telecaster the one Beck gave to you?

    JP: Yes. There was work done on it but only afterwards. I painted it; everyone painted their guitars in those days. And I had reflective plastic sheeting underneath the pick guard that gives rainbow colors.

    It sounds exactly like a Les Paul.

    JP: Yeah, well that’s the amp and everything. You see, I could get a lot of tones out of the guitar, which you normally couldn’t. This confusion goes back to those early sessions again with the Les Paul. Those might not sound like a Les Paul, but that’s what I used. It’s just different amps, mike placings, and all different things. Also, if you just crank it up to the distortion point so you can sustain notes, it’s bound to sound like a Les Paul. I was using the Supro amp for the first album and still do.

    The “Stairway To Heaven” solo was done when I pulled out the Telecaster, which I hadn’t used for a long time, plugged it into the Supro, and away it went again. That’s a different sound entirely from any of the rest of the first album. It was a good versatile setup. I’m using a Leslie on the solo on “Good Times Bad Times”. It was wired up for an organ thing.

    What concert by Zep was the last where they ALL had full beards ? :D

  7. The other song is Most Anything You Want, girl, is all right by me.

    Girl cause, I just wanna make you happy

    Thats all Im trying to do,

    Yes, I just wanna make you happy,

    And spend my lifetime with you.

    Yeah, that one! :D

    Mr. Baritone, Doug Ingle spying on that lovely chick in the first row!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I know they played the song on the Texas International Pop Festival 1969. I actually got a bootleg from it... but I don't know how to upload files over the web. (In the bootleg the song is called Sweet Baby, I'm not sure if it's the same text, but it's the same melody.)

    Do you mean download from the web? Surf, find, point, click, direct, organize, convert, burn....poof, you've got it! :D

    And yes, Sweet Baby IS Train kept a rollin' on your bootleg.

  9. The Japan shows in October of 1972, Robert hit some of the high notes (and some cracked ones) he acheived in the summer of that year. That was the last of that attempt.

    What was the last concert Jimmy Page used a Telecaster on any song?

  10. See link for info about forthcoming release of "The Who At Kilburn 1977" 2 DVD set. Due for November release. It'll also include part of a 1969 show from the London Coliseum.


    A new DVD of the FULL Who, before Mooney passed. As far as the '69 content, if they include all of Tommy and the other tunes mentioned, that's nearly a complete concert of it's own. I MUCH MORE look forward to that part. The Who at the Isle of Wight 1970 is great. The early years were easily the best.

  11. ^ Don't get the idea that I'm blind to McCain's shortcomings, but the question asked about lies of Barack. I believe Obama lied about his affiliation with Ayers. I gave an example, simply put.

  12. You must be in a lot better shape/younger than me. My rock star lifestyle is killing me, especially when I do two time zones/two climates in the same week. Maybe if I could hire a roadie to pack for me.....my boss will get right on that . I will tell him if I could just have one roadie I will give up my 20 vacation days a year as I will never need any time off again. :lol:

    Are you saying that John McCain, 71 years old, can fly circles around you? He hopscotches from one clime to another daily, not just twice a week. And he's sustained TRUE physical torture in Vietnam to boot.

    If your "rockstar lifestyle" is so rough, I'd say you were a wuss.

    40's and it's killing you? :rolleyes:

    Geez, you're older than your years.

  13. Let's talk about lies. What Lie did Barack tell?

    Try his slagging off knowing this guy as, "Just someone in the neighborhood",

    Obama minimized his relationship by acknowledging only that he knows Ayers. But they have quite a bit more of a connection than that. He’s appeared on panels with Ayers, served on a foundation board with him and held a 1995 campaign event at the home of Ayers and his wife, fellow former terrorist Bernardine Dohrn. Ayers even gave money to one of his campaigns.

    Obama is friendly with William Ayers, a leader of the radical Weather Underground, which in the 1970s carried out numerous bombings, including one inside the U.S. Capitol.

  14. Wow, I had no idea I helped inspire you to this thread ZepFanForever !! :)

    I'm glad. As cheesy as some bands can be, they also have a serious side and it shows in their 'deep tracks'. I dig your threads covering many bands and subjects....keep them coming!

    The sugary sweet appearance and demeanor of these musicians also has some fermented tastes that create a fun buzz. They're not all tee-totalers ! :lol:

  15. Thanks for that. I'll look for those the next time I'm in Washington State. We have some good ones in BC. If you ever see Devils Elbow by Howe Sound Brewery in your area give it a try. A very strong tasting IPA by most standards but very very good

    IPA's are in limited supply here. I'll look for it though.

    We get more BC bud here than BC beer. :hippy:

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