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  1. ^ Really? Makes me wanna check out those discs. The Osmonds were rocking hard you say? Dayum!
  2. Maybe he's really a redneck from Arkansas.
  3. It could be 90%, but for sure 10% know him. Isn't that the accepted gay population estimate?
  4. How 'bout she jumps under the Obama train. If no one is looking, she'd be ground up so good, someone would just think a big dog or horse got whacked and just hose off the remains. If there were any semblences of human remains, authorities would just figure it was some homeless hobo and sweep the parts into a roadkill dumpster and that would be that.
  5. There's always Ring My Bell, by Anita Ward. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOtC-xvmFJI
  6. They don't frequent the South too often but they did play New Orleans last I know of, October 16, 2004; August 3, 2002; and August 14, 2000. Maybe New Orleans is a bit far from your part of the state, Helen. Art IS in the eye of the beholder though isn't it? Sonic Youth's music is still better than Pearl Jam's though.
  7. Yeah Beatbo, those Pearl Jam one's are cool. I guess accolades aren't bestowed on Sonic Youth like they are Pearl Jam. That's OK, Sonic Youth is the better band anyway. Another few that give these other posters a run for their money, The art of concert posters isn't dead, you just have to have an interest in bands that support the art and seek it there.
  8. Is that way they do now? I figured it would be the Hershey Highway for OJ. Where'd he live in Florida anyway, Cocoa Beach?
  9. yeah, so he's really worthy of a public lynching.
  10. That's right, not all rock bands come under that corporate umbrella and there still are some great posters, albeit by lesser known, generally regional/lesserknown bands. It's like anything else, true craftsmanship has been relegated to the minority. Here's a cool one of recent.
  11. And the people will continue to lose, no matter the outcome.
  12. Apolitical Blues - Little Feat Well my telephone was ringing And they told me it was Chairman Mao (red, but really blue) Well my telephone was ringing And they told me it was Chairman Mao You can tell him anything 'Cause I just don't wanna talk to him now I've got the apolitical blues And that's the meanest blues of all Apolitical blues And that's the meanest blues of all I don't care if it's John Wayne (red, yep redneck), I just don't wanna talk to him now My own inclusion inside parenthesis.
  13. Yep it's a scam. Only thing I can think of is to NOT be a taxpayer. Dont' be a part of the system, be apart from the system. You or I can't change it. These things will only get worse and to have some kind of pipedream that politicians from any party can make it better is just a fuzzy feel good, blind vision. They won't be getting any money from me on this bailout. I can't believe the multitude of millions and millions who buy into this political system. Corruption seeps into all aspects of it and will always. NO ONE (You, me, Obama or McCain) will or can ever change that. Fuck 'em all.
  14. Then again, Pigpen (Grateful Dead) and Gary Thain (Uriah Heep) were also 27 when they died.
  15. ^ I always felt Eric Clapton's psychedelic Gibson SG was my favorite.
  16. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida was the very first album I ever bought with my own money. It was $2.99. Ha!, I just realized I got that 40 years ago this year!!! Besides the title track, the songs on side B were excellent too. Flowers and Bead, Termination, Are You Happy, My Mirage and another. Lee Dorman the bassist reminded me of Jack Bruce somewhat. He played more 'lead' than just a bottom groove. The band was very musical and not stagnant or basic at all. Lee and the replacement guitarist for Eric Braun, "Rhino" later went on to Captain Beyond. The drummer still has the Iron Butterfly name and occasionally plays around.
  17. alucard

    Pet Peeves

    Maybe I should change my name to alecard. Ally? Ain't that the guy from BC?
  18. alucard

    Pet Peeves

    Sorry, but I live simply. I'm not into long-winded discussions. Proselytizing makes me weary.
  19. alucard

    Posting pictures.

    Learn by example! You got it yet?
  20. alucard

    Pet Peeves

    No, other than to say, I don't fraternize any fraternities.
  21. This is what he'll see. His own reflection.
  22. No more fresh Florida grown for O.J. He'll have to suck on the rinds now. A bitter peel to swallow. n'O-J !!!!
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