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  1. Glad you enjoyed this! I remember fondly how I'd spend evenings stoned outta my gourd watching Carl's "Cosmos" series and considering the BILLIONS and BILLIONS of possible mind-altering substances found throughout the universe. He took you on a trip through his vision.
  2. alucard

    Pet Peeves

    You can't get turned down in an emergency room in the US. They will however bill you later. And I meant, Toss the bill !!!
  3. Kurt Cobain, Brian Jones and Robert Johnson too!
  4. It's the effluent in the runoff that makes you sick, not the ocean. Then again, redtide can be sickening.
  5. alucard

    Pet Peeves

    I was referring to docron's post, but hey, your's is how I feel too.
  6. alucard

    Pet Peeves

    ^ If that works for you, fine. I live by other treatises'.
  7. Sure !! So long as you bring in your recent confiscations Keith !!!!! Share them with us.
  8. I know that for a fact, at least concerning skin maladies. I had severe poison ivey one time that was cured after being in the ocean for an afternoon. The ocean will also clear up your zits and dandruff.
  9. alucard

    Pet Peeves

    Collectively, I agree. I can't stand society, but I love individuals one-on-one. I don't like it when people have to adjust their behavior to suit those around them, and that becomes more evident in large gatherings. For someone to be able to let their hair down often requires them to be alone or around a minimum of people.
  10. They're really a fantastic band aren't they? And one of their side projects, The Latin Playboys!!!
  11. ^ I've noticed you like this band. Have you heard this? It's tunes recorded in 1997. I have it on right now and it's super good!
  12. You're right, I missed that. I imagine they DID have to spell it backward and put periods in, as per their record label, wouldn't ya think? I saw the original Grand Funk reunited in the 90s and they were excellent. For sure my favorite was Closer to Home, Sin's a good man's brother, Aimless Lady, Nothing is the same etc. Survival and E Pluribus Funk had some good songs too, besides their earliest LP's. I thought their live album from 1970 was rather weak in production, one I didn't have, but most of my friends did so I didn't miss out.
  13. Another aspect of the Disco era I hated was the surgence of cocaine usage. It seemed like more of a republican embracement, along with the polyester suits and stylish coiffures, but anyway, Rap and HipHop latched onto and repopularized marijuana into the musical mediastream. A much better proposal, and no doubt, a more democratic display. and who's this? Notice the Led Zep centerfold mention. Betcha didn't know they were nekkid!!
  14. alucard

    Pet Peeves

    Perhaps we should re-phrase that crude saying to, "nourishment from oil" But we need to change our diet.
  15. Ah yes, but it was Robert who sprinkled salt-peter on the reunion announcements. Some opinions haven't been made impotent however. Many remain firm in their hope of another coming together of the bickering couple.
  16. The young ones coming out of the woodwork here espousing the values and conditions of a generation past are of a different crowd than most of their generation. This is a Led Zepplein board, from the 70s, so many come from that "mindset" and hold onto some of the old ways. Go to a more modern band site and you'll more than likely, I guarantee it, find a crowd that embraces more of the modern stylings of their generation. I'd like to see a survey of under 30 fans on this Zeppelin board, compared for instance, to one from an Arctic Monkeys site for instance.
  17. Dr. Dog is a psychedelic rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Their sound has been compared to that of various 1960s pop bands, especially The Beatles and The Band, as well as The Beach Boys. Each band member has a nickname, and they have explained that friends of the band also receive nicknames, which are drawn from various aspects of their lives and personalities (Andrew Jones, for example, is a certified lawyer). Before 2004, the band was not well-known, and was often mistaken for a hip-hop group because of its name. The group had a small fanbase until My Morning Jacket brought them on tour. Soon after, The New York Times music critic Kelefa Sanneh praised the group's album Easy Beat in a December 2004 article, leading to attention from other critics. They signed with Park the Van Records and completed their first cross-country tour in 2005. Late 2005 saw the departure of Jones, who became a full-time lawyer. Jones was replaced by Frank McElroy. In early 2006 the group toured Europe and the US with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and has also been the opening band for The Strokes' 2006 tour in Detroit, Cleveland in the US, as well as a tour with The Raconteurs, and The Black Keys in the fall of 2006.
  18. Any idiot should know there's good and bad musicianship to any genre of music. I'm amazed how some HipHop is so creative and yes, instruments heavily involved with sampling, and how some are just ignorant of this. I don't mean someone has to appreciate it, but to denounce it for not being musical obviously shows the lack of exposure to it. I'm not a rap freak by any means, but what I like, I like alot. Basically HipHop and Trance.
  19. It's only NOT special to you because you didn't get the effects. No fucking wonder!! I smoked probably 10 times before I became stoned and when I did, HOLY SHIT!! If you'd gotten high, you'd have known it in a BIG WAY. Go back to the drawing board, you may find a part of your brain you didn't know existed.
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