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  1. Must be pretty slow in Robert's life that he would allow any rumors to fly regarding Led Zeppelin. My vote is for a Plant/Page acoustic set.
  2. Which of the above mentioned or combination of, would anyone feel is the reason that Jimmy has sort of faded in the last decade. Would love to see him play with Beck and or Clapton....but he isn't the type. My gut is that it is lack of confidence and fear. I think Jimmy is the type that can't be spontaneous anymore or has he ever been spontaneous? Maybe the new year will shed some hope regarding Jimmy as a solo artist....but I don't anticipate it.
  3. I know I will be crucified for this comment, but here it goes. Dave Grohl would be a better fit than Jason Bonham behind the drumseat with Page, Jones and Plant. I feel he has better chops.
  4. I like Kashmir better with Jimmy using the Les Paul and not the cheesy Danelectro. I think the O2 version is better than Knebworth.
  5. An innovator and a gentleman! RIP http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/conte...9081301806.html
  6. Keeping fingers crossed! http://www.billboard.com/news/jimmy-page-u...004002934.story
  7. Has there been any overlap with tours? The Firm/Plant or Outrider/Plant or Jones Page/Plant?
  8. Correct me if I am wrong. Don't all three members, as a courtesy to one another, not overlap projects with one another. After the O2, it was Robert with Allison. Now it is Jonesy with them Crooked Vultures. Jimmy mentioned that he wanted to start up after the first of the year, which should put him next in line?
  9. Excellent Link! thanks! But the book is PRETTY DARN GOOD!
  10. Just an up to date installment. Fixed mindset vs Growth mindset? Read the book, "Mindset" for answer
  11. Hopefully Jason has a plan for his future. Would hate to see him fade away.
  12. Are you calling Jimmy Page a dead horse?
  13. but this time with a better set of vocalists
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