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  1. Oh gosh, that pic makes me hear cowbells and Whiskey Train Memories from Israel 78/79 where I found a rare PH album and played it incessantly
  2. Ha ha, Who Do You Love just started playing on the radio.
  3. I never heard of deep fried turkey. How long does it take to cook? Is it greasy?
  4. Yup. I met a really nice guy when I was getting on the ferry last year to go to work. He told me he used to be a heroin addict. He told me what it was like. I then realized why the addiction. It is too bad people aren't properly trained in life skills. I sure hope that is changing.
  5. No, presently I only play hand drums. I ring it when the intuition to moves me. Verdun, Quebec France is where I had to sleep on the stack of matresses in a room full of bees when I was a toddler. I've had a strange life. That's an understatement.
  6. I was speaking of music in general. It's very mathematical. And I would have to disagree. Everything matters.
  7. Some songs are timeless and prophetic. And some need to be deciphered.
  8. Steve, can you tell me a little bit about the scheduling in 1975? Especially around May to June? thanks, Judy
  9. In the movie, the comraderie is always between John and John. Plus, Oh how I wish I could hear Dazed and Confused from the soundtrack without the vocals which are overpowering the rest of the band, plus the other 3 parts are extremely in sync.... hopes for a release of such one day.... hint, hint
  10. Verdun? That is where I recieved my 1878 swiss bell. It was waiting for me in an apartment on 3'rd ave.
  11. Oooh, I'll ring my swiss bell for you Katie Day a really funky chick radio announcer is back on Hal 89.9 That makes me happy
  12. I am a kabbalist If you add my pic to the name you get Kabbalahoney, lol
  13. RRRROOOOOAAAAARRRRR That's the lion in Judah la la la la , lol (me) Actually I tripped out on my way to class the other week someone had a HUGE lion poster with a Star of David in their window on what is considered the roughest part of Halifax, yet.... I saw a couple of friends meet and hug everyone on that street say hi to me. I'm never scared on it. The crime rate here is going down, down, down
  14. He he, I was just thinking about that the other day Man, was that yummy. Yeah, I love the controls on the panel. My new piano was modifying it's own settings this afternoon. Hopefully it won't do it again. Electronics tend to get a little wankers around me sometimes.
  15. My new piano is kick ass. I couldn't get one of the top models but this one alone is better than my last one. Technology keeps improving. I am thrilled with the guitar and strings though. They don't have a tinny sound the way they often do with a digital piano. Mideival and old Yiddish type music is already coming to me via instinct. I've got a good scale book to pracice from to help me remember how to roam the keyboard comfortably, and I have a few classical books to play out of. I am thrilled to the bone. I think there are even a few arabic tuning settings. I am going to have to read through the manual, but I can hook up my lap top, and record off it when I am ready to. Judy is a happy camper!!!! I'm just stitting her looking around my lving room. It is tiny, but I've got a piano, guitar, frame drum, riq and tarbuka...no tv. This is living.
  16. Most of the folks are absolutely amazing. Friendly beyond belief. Crime rates gone down in the past couple of years. They announced that fact on the radio this week. I say hi to almost everyone on the street and most people say hi back. There a real team effort going down here. It's getting better all the time. I can't afford lobster, lol. My piano got here, not only is it black, but it's shiny black... They delivered it at 11:25 which is my birthday so I got a kick out of that. I used to play a lot with the radio when I was a kid, yeah I played a lot of Zep. I used to love playing Peter Frampton too. I started when I was 6, quit at 14 so this is going to be exciting. I was trained in classical, I think I did 7 years of my training 100% on my ear training exam. My marks are all missing, so I am going to have to start investigating that soon. Have a great day, Judy
  17. Speaking of biological research... Man, was I ever having a blast playing with photons last night And getting my piano today.... full 88 key digital... yeah
  18. I am going to be VERY happy today... come a handful of hours. When I got separated and moved out I wasn't allowed to take my digital piano... It was since sold My tax return came in yesterday... Piano coming this morning I couldn't play much back then because of the atmosphere being too discouraging I am looking forward to playing every day. My best friend from my youth send me a message a few weeks ago and said... Remember when you used to play the Battle of Evermore on the piano all the time.. I did? Oh yeah, lol...
  19. You know what? I never read the book, would never read the book. Even if the stuff in it were true, why the heck would it be my business to know about it?
  20. I don't know. As a female brilliant creative artist, I want the kind of guy who doesn't seem to exist, lol A faithful one. A priviledge... have you ever been married to this type of guy? or dated one? A man with brains would marry someone whom he is so compatable with that he would never want to stray. People really are stranger than strange... This is of course my opinion. I don't judge yours however it does baffle me.
  21. If that can be justified, I'm going to stay happily single If he loved her so much, how the hell could he have been doing all those others. He should have taken Charlotte on the road with him What a load of crock.
  22. Was he really screwing those chicks? Guys are strange. You are a bimbo, you are a coke whore... fuck me.... My ex was the damned GoleM but I got trapped into that freaking marriage.
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