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    Blackmore...<br />Blackmore..!<br />BLACKMORE!<br />Ronnie Dio!
  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHqURYigALc Oh my god!!! I'm ashamed to be from finland in moments like these!!
  2. If Paice leaves Purple, that could be possible... I would of take that "last gig" too. MKI Wasn't so good, but they could do it just for fun... But I don't think its possible after Rod's own "Deep Purple"
  3. Yea, me too. And the band around him would be Elf or "Rainbow MK1" as it is usually called 'cos they did it the best. Sadly Cozy Powell isn't seeing it... I would want to see Deep Purple MK1 once more... Possible?
  4. Purple could do one "goodbye gig", so they can stop at last.
  5. I just borrowed rainbow - live in munich 1977 from library... this stuff is amazing!!!!!!!!!!
  6. What if Ronnie Dio would of become the singer in '84 reunion?
  7. Along with Ritch, Purple lost its reliability. I have alvays been on same opinion with Ritchie on Gillans voice... he left it somewhere early 80's. Steve Morse is a great guitarist, but he can't make same like atmosphere as Ritchie (and I'm not meaning human relationships now!!!). The resingment of Jon Lord was Purples last breath. I like Well Dressed Guitar, but they really miss something. They should of stop when Lord left.
  8. What Deep Purple member you would be? I would be Blackmore 'cos i'm very same like character; moody, difficoult...so on...!
  9. Tommy Bolin was a heroine user and he was expelled because of it. He poked his playing hand full of drugs and he couldn't play in months. (That's what I've been heard) Dont't know did Hughes or Coverdale give any stuff to Ritchie or Jon. But I herd somewhere, that Ritchie was nearly always drunk on stage.
  10. Did Ritchie ever messed up with any drugs? Or cautch because it?
  11. Here's a good one for you! This is the first internationally succeeded Finnish rock band! Remu Aaltonen: vocals & drums Cisse Häkkinen: Bass Albert Järvinen: Guitar (Don't try to find any lyrics that make sense!)
  12. I have seen some JLT interviews and other stuff. I think He is a nice fellow. Don't know did he ever argue with Ritchie (what is impossible). It is possible that there was much more than Purple comeback behind the end of the Rainbow. If you ever noticed Ritchie has always kind of "bounced" from heavier to lighter music styles. I am waiting more co-operation with RJD or a new Blackmore's night album. What are you thinking?
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