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  1. Working For the Weekend - Loverboy
  2. Eastwood so deserved to get nominated for best actor for Gran Torino. He carried that movie, and did a really good job with it too. He could've also easily got a nod for Best Director for it, or even Changeling. There were a lot of good movies this year, so a lot of worthy ones are going to/got get snubbed.
  3. He really is. Not many dudes are lucky enough to find a lass who has good taste in not just sports, but teams to cheer for.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ut5jVrfRYrM Every time it played, I'd immediately start walking in slow motion.
  5. Slumdog Millionaire will likely clean up with the most awards. Rourke is almost a shoe-in to win. Ledger is all but guaranteed. The rest I don't know.
  6. By a slim margin, I'd have to go with Goodfellas.
  7. I've never met or encountered anyone remotely famous. The closest was seeing Craig MacTavish, Esa Tikanen, and Craig Simpson at the race track one day when I was there with my dad.
  8. Whole World's Falling Down - Ozzy
  9. And you know there is no way how exactly? Because the Oilers lost their starting goaltender in game 1 against Carolina, and they didn't exactly play Buffalo because you guys got injured and shit the bed.
  10. How many of the Oilers games did you watch in the playoffs that year? What about the regular season? I watched almost all of their games, and that run was no fluke whatsoever. The Oilers as a team played GREAT all regular season long, but they had that three-headed-monster goalie situation for 80% of the season with Jussi Markkanen, Ty Conklin, and Mike Morrison, all average to bad goaltenders, none any better than a back up. So while the Oilers played solid enough to win most nights, the goaltending cost them several points. There was absolutely no luck involved in that playoff run though. Th
  11. Abandoned Hospital Ship - The Flaming Lips
  12. Thanksgiving dinner. Lots of it. And the first Oilers game of the season.
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