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  1. Jason is the BEST drummer .... Foreigner ever had.
  2. Good assessment. Also: If you want to see a live act: AC/DC If you want the best act on DVD: LZ
  3. I think Robert is in an extremely difficult position. I apologize to him and his fans for all of the angry thoughts I have had over the years. I think Robert is a true rock talent of legendary proportions.
  4. MY OPINION ONLY: Robert likes his solo career Jimmy wants to play hard rocking Led Zeppelin songs JPJ wants to play hard rock The part that will make people mad: Robert dips into the Led Zeppelin well to boost his solo prospects The long term fans get their hopes up, then get their hopes dashed, and then many get angry at Robert More opining: I get very angry at Robert, but also agree with his rationale, and the rationale of those who believe that LZ died in 1980. However, I never got to see LZ, and would be thrilled to see a modern facscimile. Many of us: Never got to see the Beatles, but enjoy watching Paul or Ringo sing the old songs. Never saw the original Stones, but can now watch a legendary band put on a great show. Never saw the Who with Keith Moon but now can watch the Two put on a great show. Saw the Kinks and wish they would come back. I saw Page/Plant. That may be the closest that many of us, including myself, ever get.
  5. Jim Ladd, used to be on KMET (Los Angeles), now on KLOS (also Los Angeles). Plays ALS often. Any other Jim Ladd fans out there?
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