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  1. This is great news. If it does not work out we can always find a way to blame Robert.... Yippee!!!!
  2. Haven't been here in awhile. Summary impressions: no LZ news, same old rehashed topics, pretty lame. THEM CROOKED VULTURES ROCK!
  3. It is amazing how many people on this forum were in the front rows and center stage. What are the odds?
  4. There are 17 News items posted from the previous 16 months.
  5. The last item posted in the "News" section of this web site is more than six months old. Considering the possibilities I think that is rather sad. SIRIUS XM Radio To Launch Channel Dedicated To Led Zeppelin October 30, 2008 A new 100% commercial-free music channel dedicated to Led Zeppelin will be broadcast on SIRIUS channel 12 and XM channel 39, starting at 6:00 pm ET, Saturday, November 1, through December 31.
  6. Maybe you forgot about the guy that said "Where's that confounded bridge" at the end of The Crunge.
  7. Are you talking about a band member? I only asked on this forum. I did not see a band member quote or response.
  8. I happen to value the opinion of Steve A Jones. I do not see why that is a problem for you.
  9. I assumed Steve A Jones was not there. I just find him to be a great source of information and value his perspective and honesty (and lack of ego).
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