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    Playing guitar.<a href="http://mikemcclure.mypersonality.info" target="_top"><img src="http://badges.mypersonality.info/badge/0/9/98588.png" alt="Click to view my Personality Profile page" border="0" /></a>
  1. There is no election Obama and McCain are puppets to make you beleive that something is actually going on. This is exactly what they wanted; to turn politics into some kind of stupid publicity scam. You guys need to listen to some Alex Jones or trip shrooms or something but this shit is just stupid. Infowars.com people!
  2. All of my love Boogiw with Stu The Rover Houses of the Holy Over the Hills and far away etc.
  3. Presence was good but not great. It didn't have as much substance as the others.
  4. Smoke a doobie and listen to Disraeli gears with your dad and you will never argue with him again.
  5. The ocean lies this way my friends, and i beleive that we on't be around long enough to see this show.
  6. Dean VX. It's a nice guitar for Zeppelin playing.
  7. I want to learn Bron-Y-Aur Stomp. i want to know which fret to harmonize with which string U know. For instance standard tuning is to play the 5th fret of the top string and tune the second string down until it matches...
  8. I don't have a guitar tuner but I want to play Bron-Yr-Aur stomp, Kashmir, and others, but they all have weird tunings. Where can I learn to tune them by ear/guitar.
  9. You now worship satan because of backwards lyrics.
  10. Haha, how can someone say that Led Zeppelin isn't the best band ever, when even they can't think of a better band?
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